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Welcome to the Daily Holiday Blog!  My name is Suzy and I have always loved keeping up with obscure holidays.  Daily Holiday Blog was created to not only help you keep track of those reasons to celebrate, but give you a bit of history about the holiday and add in a touch of fun.

Every day is a holiday!  In fact, most days I have a large selection of holidays to choose from!  I try to bring you what I most relate to, so if there is a particular holiday that you know of that is not mentioned, I may very well bring it up next year.

june obscure holiday calendar

Included each month is a FREE downloadable calendar for your convenience!  Now you will not only be able to have those obscure holidays right in front of you, but you will also know what is coming up on Daily Holiday Blog.

Feel free to shoot me an email at suzy@suzyssitcom.com if you would like to contribute to a future holiday celebration.  I am always happy to get emails and will be sure to reply.

About me?

I am an artist, crafter, and humor writer from Atlanta, GA.  I live with my husband, my oldest daughter and four crazy dogs.  I guess that is where the humor comes in!  Ha!

family celebration

I come from a long line of party animals.  This is my mom and dad at the annual Mmmm…Mmmm party.  Seriously.  We like any excuse for a party!  But we all needed a way to keep track of those random holidays!  Hence the creation of Daily Holiday Blog!

suzys sitcom craft tutorials

This is my second website.  You can also find me at Suzy’s Sitcom where I create.  Suzy’s Sitcom currently has over 200 detailed tutorials if you are the creative type, and tons of humor to go along with them.



Welcome to Daily Holiday Blog!  And thank you so much for visiting with me!