Top 10 Fast Food French Fries!

Today is National French Fries Day! Whether you like them curly, spicy waffly, covered in chili and cheese, or just plain, it is a day to celebrate this awesome side dish!  In honor of the day, we here at Daily Holiday Blog have put together a list of our top ten fast food french fries.

Of course, this is just our humble opinion.  Check out our list and see if you agree!

Number 10- Jack in the Box

top ten fast food french fries

Jack in the Box has a great selection.  They have bacon cheddar potato wedges, regular fries and curly fries.  There are no Jack in the Boxes in Atlanta, but I hear from many out of town friends that a midnight trip to Jack in the Box always includes fries.

So why did they rank number 10 on the list?  Ummm…. check out their creepy clown-like mascot.  Seems they also specialize in bad dreams.  Enough said…

Number 9- Burger King

top ten fast food french fries

Burger King is always in major competition with a certain golden-arched competitor.  And I have to say that Burger King may have them beat in the burger department. Tasty!  But fries?  I’m afraid they aren’t even close.  Burger King is always going to be the red-headed step child where fries are concerned. And their creepy Burger King mascot certainly doesn’t help the situation…

Yep, I’m creeped out by clowns and kings.  I never said that this was a scientific french fry review!  Bring me rainbows and butterflies and you might rank higher!

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Number 8 – Arby’s

top ten fast food french fries

I’m not a fan of curly fries due to the fact I worked in fast food while pregnant and nauseous.  I still can’t look a curly fry straight in the eye.  So I have to go to an unbiased source- the husband.  He loves Arby’s curly fries.  Even if they do have a weird orange color. And the Arby’s dipping sauce is also a favorite.  We go there often and he always gets my curly fries.

That’s true love, right?

Number 7- Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr.

top ten fast food french fries

Hardee’s seems to pride themselves in the fact that their food might not be the healthiest. But then again, what fast food is?  In fact their slogan, “Eat like you mean it” kind of says it all.  Oh and the 1,420 calorie Monster Thickburger? Crazy-pants!  I’d just tape it to my hips because that’s where it would end up anyway.

But where were we?  Oh yeah- fries.  Hardees has a variety including curly, regular and even sweet potato fries.  And I have to say, like all their food, the sweet potato fries are pretty amazing.

I asked the hubby what his opinion was, but I couldn’t get his attention during their commercial…

I guess it sells burgers!  Or something…

Okay- eyes back on the blog guys!

Click here for the rest of the list!

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  • Molly July 13, 2017, 1:51 pm

    I was disappointed to see Culver’s no where on this list. Then I remembered that they aren’t everywhere. So I checked and nope–no Culver’s in Atlanta. There is one in Lawrenceville though so if you ever head that direction, give them a try.

    I’m not saying their fries would necessarily blow you away, but in my opinion they have THE BEST BURGER EVER! I always get the Butterburger with cheese…and nothing else on it. It needs no condiments. That’s how good it is!

    Now I’ll go back to wishing more of these restaurants were anywhere near where I live so I could do a comprehensive fry taste comparison.

  • DiEtta July 13, 2014, 5:50 pm

    Here in California we have Wendy’s…nothing like their Choc Frosty with hot Natural Cut French Fries! Then you dip the hot fries in the frosty……SO YUMMY! 🙂 DiEtta


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