A behind the scenes look at Food Styling!

Today is National Hamburger Day.  It looks like the month of July is just stock full of fast food holidays, doesn’t it?  We’ve already celebrated Fried Chicken Day, French Fries Day, Hotdog Day, and Drive-Thru Day!  And today we are moving onto hamburgers.

Ever wonder how hamburgers look so wonderful in the ads?  Would you believe that there are Food Stylists whose jobs are to make that food look the best it can be.  Even if the end result is not really food…


Seems like my hamburger never looks like the one in the advertisement.   This was always one of my father’s pet peeves.  And it turns out that you would really not want to eat that tasty looking hamburger in the photo.  You see, not everything you see is real!

In the photo above, for example, a food stylist probably had to go through dozens and dozens of buns to find a “hero”—the perfect example. Those seeds are also “heroes” too, and are meticulously glued on top with tweezers to fill in any flaws.

In order to give the hamburger a higher “stacked” look, food stylists will insert cardboard between the layers to fill it out.  Glistening burgers that look hot from the grill are made to look that way be spritzing it with oil or colored water.

Grill marks?  Well they are often painted on.

To get an idea of all the work a food stylist adds to a photo, here is a great behind the scenes look at a McDonald’s photo shoot.

Looks like there is a lot of primping going on!  At least the one you buy will most likely taste a bit better than the model burger.

Have an awesome day, and grab a bite to eat to celebrate!

Love to party?  Today is also National Parent’s Day!  Check out the fun rapping video!


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