7 Unique ways to dress up your shoes!

Today is National Go Barefoot Day.  The holiday got its start after the Tsunami disaster in 2004 to support those affected by the event, and was created by the people at Soles4Souls. Donations have continued to come in and over 19 millions of pairs of shoes have been donated worldwide since 2005.

To celebrate the day, consider donating a few pair of your extra shoes!  And since we love to create here on Daily Holiday Blog, here are 7 unique ways to dress to shoes that you decide to keep!

Making unique things is the focus of my other website, Suzy’s Sitcom.  There you will find over 200 fun DIY tutorials!  And since the focus is on shoes today, lets look at a few great ideas from other bloggers for fabulous footwear!

DIY Accent Sneakers

Add a fun accent to your sneakers with colorful fabric and decoupage!

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Iron-on Floral Patterned Shoes

Use a print and some iron on transfer paper to make unique floral patterned shoes.

DIY Tie-Dyed Shoes

Bring back the bright colors of summer with this fun to do Tie-Dye idea!  It is simpler than you might think!

DIY Comic Strip Heels

Start with a pair of plain blue heels, and end up with a comic strip masterpiece that would make even the most finicky geeks smile!

DIY Cat Toe Shoes

Cap toe shoes are a big trend this year and the Internet loves cats. What do you get when you combine the two? Cat toe shoes.

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Crochet Slippers with Flop Flop Soles

Here is a unique way to turn your flip flops into covered shoes!  This crochet pattern is easy to follow and she even offers a video for those that learn better by watching!

DIY Barefoot Sandals

The ultimate project for barefoot day!  This post includes step by step instructions on how to make your own unique barefoot sandals!

Celebrate the day with a donation and a fun project!  Happy National Barefoot Day!

For lots of fun crafts and tutorials, visit my other websites, Suzys Artsy Craftsy Sitcom and The Traveling Sitcom!


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