National Pretzel Day- 6 Handmade Pretzel Recipes!

Today we are celebrating National Pretzel Day!  Created originally by an Italian monk out of left over bread dough in AD 610, pretzels have certainly come a long way!  More than $550 million worth of pretzels are currently sold in the United States annually.  That’s a lot of dough!

With that in mind, I found 6 great handmade pretzel recipes to share with you today, including a fun video!

6 homemade pretzel recipes

That Italian monk?  Well he wanted to create a treat to motivate his students.  Using leftover bread dough, he rolled it in ropes and twisted them to resemble hands crossed on the chest in prayer.

He called his little snacks pretiola, which is Latin for “little reward.” When pretiola arrived in Germany, they were renamed bretzels.

And history was made!

6 homemade pretzel recipes

Soft Pretzels from Once Upon a Chef

Pretzels have long been considered good luck symbols:

  • In Austria, pretzels are used to decorate Christmas trees, and are also hidden along with eggs on Easter!
  • In Germany, children wear pretzels around their necks for good luck on New Year’s Day.
  • In Switzerland, newlyweds traditionally make a wish and then break a pretzel.  Hence, the term, “tying the knot”.

6 homemade pretzel recipes

Soft Pretzel Bites from Sally’s Baking Addiction

So how were hard pretzels invented?

Well, you guessed it.  Someone accidentally overbaked a batch of soft pretzels!  The overzealous baker from Pennsylvania lucked out.  Everyone loved them!

6 homemade pretzel recipes

Pretzel Dogs from Auntie Anne’s

Until the 1930s, pretzels were handmade, and the average worker could twist 40 a minute. In 1935, the Reading Pretzel Machinery Company introduced the first automated pretzel machine, which enabled large bakeries to make as many as 245 pretzels per minute!

6 homemade pretzel recipes

Pizza Pretzels from Pillsbury

Did you know? Joe Nacchio, of Federal Baking in Philadelphia, holds the record for baking the largest pretzel: It was 5 feet across and weighs 40 pounds!

6 homemade pretzel recipes

Soft Pretzel Wreath from A Beautiful Mess

To show how easy making handmade pretzels can be, I found a great video from Laura in the Kitchen.  

For complete recipe with instructions and measurements, be sure to visit Laura in the Kitchen! 

See something you want to make?  Celebrate the day with some hot fresh made pretzels!

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  • Lynda April 26, 2017, 12:18 pm

    I’ve never made homemade pretzels before but this post is making me want to try it. That’s funny about how the hard pretzel came to be.


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