Celebrate National Chili Day with 10 great recipes!

In honor of National Chili Day, I am bringing to you 10 awesome chili recipes to warm up your day! Personally, I’m a huge fan of chili with beans, and I’m sure there are those of you that have issue with beans touching your chili.  So I’m bringing you a bit of both.  Enjoy!

Charles Ramsdell, a writer from San Antonio once wrote,

“Chili, as we know it in the U.S., cannot be found in Mexico today except in a few spots which cater to tourists. If chili had come from Mexico, it would still be there. For Mexicans, especially those of Indian ancestry, do not change their culinary customs from one generation, or even from one century, to another.”

And apparently Mexican’s don’t think too fondly of it.  The Mexican Dictionary, published in 1959 defines Chili Con Carne as: “detestable food passing itself off as Mexican, sold in the U.S. from Texas to New York.”

Ha!  Well, like it or not, chili is very popular in the US.  Let’s check out some amazing recipes!

10 chili recipes to warm up your day

Firehouse Sausage Chili by Doughmesstic

Did you know? In the early 1900’s, Lyman T. Davis of Corsicana, Texas made chili that he sold from the back of a wagon for five cents a bowl with all the crackers you could eat. In 1921, he started to can chili and named it after his pet wolf, calling it Wolf Brand Chili (a picture of the wolf is still used on the label today). Today the company is owned by Stokley-Van Camp in Dallas, Texas.

10 chili recipes to warm up your day

Dad’s Spicy Chili by Two Peas and their Pod

Fun Fact: Will Rogers, popular actor, cattleman, banker, and journalist, was a huge fan of chili. It is said that he judged a town by the quality of its chili. He sampled chili in hundreds of towns, especially in Texas and Oklahoma and kept a box score. He concluded that the finest chili (in his judgment), was from a small cafe in Coleman, Texas.

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10 chili recipes to warm up your day

Chicken Taco Chili by All Things Katie Marie

In the depression years, chili joints meant the difference between starvation and staying alive. Chili was cheap and crackers were free. At the time, chili was said to have saved more people from starvation than the Red Cross.

10 chili recipes to warm up your day

Cowboy Chili by Cinnamon Spice and Everything Nice

Fun Fact: Jesse James, outlaw and desperado of the old American West, refused to rob a bank in McKinney, Texas because that is where his favorite chili parlor was located.

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