10 Fun Button Crafts!

Today is National Button Day!  Founded in 1938 by the National Button Society, this day is a celebration of buttons, button collectors and button makers!  To honor the day, I found some great button craft ideas and some fabulous hand made buttons!


Originally buttons were a status symbol and were strictly ornamental.  It is believed that the button hole was introduced to Europe from the middle east around the 16th century.


Button Bowls from The Whoot

DHB option button


Christmas Tree with Vintage Buttons from Redheads Craft More Fun

Buttons became a staple of men’s fashion in the Renaissance, when jackets often featured rows of buttons from chin to waist.  Oftentimes, sleeves were tightly buttoned from elbow to wrist, and trousers too had buttons at the waist, knee, or thigh.

Tons of buttoning to do!


Buttons and Felt DIY Ornaments from Cutesy Crafts

Ever wonder why men’s suit coats have buttons sewn on the sleeves?

There is a story that the King of Prussia started the practice in the 18th century. The rumor goes that after an inspection of his troops, he ordered that buttons be sewn on the sleeves of their coats to discourage them from wiping their noses on them!  Bleh!

Click here for more button crafts!

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