8 Brandied Fruit Recipes- Great gift ideas!

Happy Brandied Fruit Day!  Yep, we are celebrating fruit soaked in Brandy!  Just in time for the holidays!  You see, soaking fruit in brandy is a great way to preserve it for the winter season, and it creates a great ingredient for deserts and gift giving!  I found 8 fancy recipes that are perfect for holiday giving!

brandied fruit recipes for gifts

You can brandy most any type of fruit.  It is a way of canning to preserve fresh summer fruits in order to enjoy them over the cold winter.  The process involves chopped fruit sitting in a sugared brandy bath.

Given as a gift or incorporated into a recipe such as a fruit cake, brandied fruits are a fun addition to your holidays!  Here are 8 fancy recipes that utilize brandied fruits!

brandied fruit recipes for gifts

Brandied Pears from Harmonious Homestead

Brandied fruit is surprisingly versatile, pairing well with savory dishes (cheese, cooked poultry) as well as a variety of desserts (topped with ice cream or whipped cream or topping cakes and other baked goods).


Brandied Fruit Frozen Pie from Ally’s Kitchen

The word brandy originally comes from the Dutch word brandewijn, which means burnt wine. Dutch traders introduced brandy to Northern Europe and well as France and Spain during the 16th century, and the name stuck.

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brandied fruit recipes for gifts

Brandied Fruit and Almond Pound Cake from For Love of the Table

Fruitcake has traditionally been an efficient way to preserve food for long journeys and bitter winters.  The long shelf life of a fruitcake meant that cakes could be baked in the summer and fall and used to supplement food stores over the entire winter.

brandied fruit recipes for gifts

Brandied Fruit Herbie from Jar O Honey

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    Tis the season for brandied fruit and I love it!

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    Great ideas and thank you for including me!! xo ~ally


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