14 Top Children’s Books of All Time!

Today, we are celebrating National Book Lovers Day!  I was always an avid reader when I was young and had many favorites that I still remember fondly today.  As a book lover, I loved to read my favorite books with my kids as they were growing up.  In honor of National Book Lover’s Day, I’d love to share with you 14 of the top children’s books of all time!

classic childrens books your kids will love

I fondly remember the excitement when the bookmobile would show up at my school when I was a child.  The bookmobile was a treasure trove of exciting adventures.  Each book held its own secret journey and I couldn’t wait to read them all!

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charlottes Web

1. Charlotte’s Web

Written by E.B. White, a story about a pig named Wilbur, a little girl named Fern, and a very smart spider named Charlotte, who takes it upon herself to save Wilbur’s life from inevitable slaughter. Her ingenious plan involves a web, a rat, and lots of other animals on the farm.

Did you know? Kentucky has the largest number of bookmobiles of any state!  The state currently has 98 bookmobiles!  California is a distant second with 69.

a wrinkle in time

2. A Wrinkle in Time: 50th Anniversary Commemorative Edition

The classic battle between good and evil, written by Madeleine L’Engle.  This book introduces us to Meg and Charles Wallace Murry and their friend Calvin O’Keefe.  When the children learn that Mr. Murry has been captured by the Dark Thing, they time travel to Camazotz, where they must face the leader, IT. Classic science fiction!

Fun Fact: Zimbabwe has a bookmobile that is pulled by a donkey and is solar-powered!

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the secret garden

3. The Secret Garden

Written by Frances Hodgson Burnett.  A sad and lonely orphan, Mary Lennox goes to live at her uncle’s great house on the Yorkshire moors.  She soon discovers it is full of secrets.  She meets a magical boy and then discovers a secret garden, forgotten for many years.

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