Leave the Office Early Day! Awesome!

In 2004, Laura Stack, a bestselling author on workplace issues and productivity, created Leave the Office Early Day!  Which just so happens to be today!  Awesome-sauce!

leave the office early day

You see, the average American works about 49 hours a week.  That is approximately 350 more hours a year than most folks from Europe and about 70 hours more than the Japanese.

Even vacations are not restful anymore!

Most Americans get about two weeks vacation per year.  And during those vacations, it is estimated that at least 82% of us log in and check our work email while are supposed to be lounging around the pool.  With the invention of home computers and digital technology, we never really seem to take a break.

So, one day a year is set aside to try to get in a normal work day.  At least that is Laura Stack’s perception of getting off early.  Me?  Well, as long as my work is done, I’m thinking this is a great excuse to go enjoy the sun!  Don’t you?

Not sure how to get the boss to okay this early leaving thing?

Well, here is a cute video that just may help you out!

Can’t take off early today?  Well, make an attempt to celebrate the day sometime this week.

We won’t tell!

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