Camera Day- Photography Challenge!

Today is National Camera Day and we are celebrating that amazing invention- the camera!  In honor of the day, I am challenging you to go grab your camera and take some beautiful photos.

On my other website, Suzy’s Sitcom, I used to host a photography challenge each week based on a theme.  Below are the photos submitted on the week that the challenge was “The Color Red”.

Let’s have a little fun! 

Our challenge today is to not only take a photo or two, but to continue with the color red challenge!

photography challenge red bridge golden gate san francisco

Our challenge was to come up a photo that featured the color red.  This photo was take of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco on our last trip there.  I was actually about a half mile away, standing on an outcrop of land across the water.  We happened to be there on a Saturday, and it was way too crowded closer to the bridge. Not a single parking spot to be had!   I was able to get a good close up of the bridge with my camera lens and got this cool shot.

If you have never been to the San Francisco area, we highly recommend it.  What an amazing city!

This photo was taken with my iPhone and edited with the free software at

The Color Red…

photography challenge color red

Ready for the salad. ~ Louise

photography challenge color red

 This classy lady all dressed in red was at the Chicago Flower Show in March. ~ Linda Wilson- Galesburg, IL

photography challenge color red

 This is my “Hibiscus” plant that I grow and take very good care of. ~ Dietta

Click here for more amazing photos!

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