12 Easy Card Making Ideas

If you love to play with paper and enjoy making cards, today is the day for you!  We are celebrating National Card Making Day!  Need ideas?  Well, the internet is just full of fabulous ideas.  Here are 12 card themed projects to inspire you!

National Card Making Day began in 2006, founded by Paper Crafts magazine.  It was originated as a way to bring card makers together.  Due to the positive response it received and the worldwide popularity of card making, the holiday soon became popular all over the world.

national card making day 11 fun ideas halloween

 Wicked Cool from Heather Klum

Card making is a very popular hobby, especially in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

national card making day 11 fun ideas

All White Daisies from Life with a Weiner Dog

The most popular themes for making cards are Birthdays, Winter holidays (Christmas, New Year’s), Thank you, Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s Day.

national card making day 11 fun ideas

 DIY Mummy Cards from Housing a Forest

Did you know? Nearly 1 in 6 households in the United States participates in making cards.

diy wedding card box

DIY Wedding Card Box from Suzy’s Sitcom

Card makers prefer stamps and rub-ons for use on their holiday handmade cards.  And technology has totally played a role in the popularity of making cards as 73% of card makers use their computer in part or all of their design.

diy greeting card organizer

DIY Greeting Card Organizer from Suzy’s Sitcom

national card making day 11 fun ideas

 Spider Card from Arielle

national card making day 11 fun ideas

 Tear Off Card from Scrapbook & Cards Today

national card making day 11 fun projects frankenstein

Frankenstein Card from Sizzix

national card making day 11 fun ideas

 Converse Sneaker Card from Scrapbook Snippets

national card making day 11 fun ideas

 Iris Folding Ball Gown Card from Circle of Crafters

12 fun diy card ideas

 Skeleton Leaf Cards from Ideas for Cards

happy camper valentine card box

Happy Camper Valentine Card Box from Suzy’s Sitcom

Inspired?  I know I am.  Go grab some supplies and make a card in honor of the day!

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