Celebrate Awkward Moments Day with…awkwardness!

Today is Awkward Moments Day!  Yes, we all have them.  But today is a day set aside to laugh at yourself.

awkward moments day

Because laughter is the best medicine, right?

Just to show that I’m game, I’ll tell you about one of my most awkward moments.  Of course if you read my blog, you already know about the underwear incident, the jello in the bra debacle, and the motorcycle issue.  I don’t lie when I say my life is a sitcom.  Here is my most recent incident…

I had been incredibly ill for several weeks and was finally recovering from a bout of the flu.  I carpool with my husband every day to work, and was using the drive to catch up on some sleep on the way in.  In no time, I was sound asleep in the passenger seat of our little VW.

Every day, without fail, my husband pulls into Dunkin Donuts for his morning coffee. Apparently, as we sat at the drive-through window while he paid, and got his coffee; both he and the lady at the drive-through were thoroughly entertained by my loudly whistling nose.  

So loud in fact, that the woman had to call her co-workers over to enjoy the show.  

I have since reminded my husband numerous times that a gallant husband would have elbowed me awake and defended my honor.  He is still laughing…


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