8 Simply Stunning Thrift Store Revamps!

In celebration of Thrift Store Day, we are going to look at 8 stunning thrift store find redo’s that will make you want to go shopping right now!

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8 stunning thrift store find redos


Now… onto those amazing Thrift Store Redo’s!

On March 10, 1880, Salvation Army founder General William Booth, sent the first official group to the United States.  Little did he know at the time that 135 years later, the Salvation Army would be one of the biggest charity organizations in the country.  Their biggest money makers are their thrift stores.

8 stunning thrift store find redos

Cabinet Makeover from Centsational Girl

Founded in 1865, The Salvation Army is an international organization that meets the physical and spiritual needs of folks in 109 countries around the globe.  The Salvation Army assists more than 42 million individuals throughout the year in the United States – almost 6 million of those during the holiday season alone!

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Shopping at a Salvation Army Thrift Store not only benefits those that need it, but creates a whole new outlet for those of us that love to put a creative touch on things.  Come see what I found!

Did you know? A total of 83% of your donation to The Salvation Army goes directly to program funding to help people who need it most!

8 stunning thrift store find redos

Batmobile Cozy Coupe Refashion from Sweet C’s Designs

Fun Fact: The red Christmas kettle that you see at Christmas first made its appearance in San Francisco in 1891 in the guise of a crab pot. Many folks were out of work at the time, including hundreds of seamen and longshoremen. Because this particular campaign was so successful, it soon became nationwide and is still practiced to this day.

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8 stunning thrift store find redos

Handpainted Globes from One Canoe Two

Ever heard the phrase, “On the Wagon”?  Years ago, founder William Booth’s daughter drove a hay wagon through the streets of New York to encourage alcoholics to hop on board for a ride back to The Salvation Army. Since then, a common phrase for alcoholics in recovery is “on the wagon.”

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8 stunning thrift store find redos

Mahogany Kidney Shaped Desk from Shabby 2 Uniquely Chic

Remember! When you shop at Salvation Army Family stores, you are supporting adult rehabilitation centers that annually help more than 320,000 people from every walk of life.  These rehabilitation centers not only fight substance abuse, but help return people to their communities as participating, contributing members.

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8 stunning thrift store find redos

 Vintage Seed Packet Art Stools from Suzys Artsy Craftsy Sitcom

8 stunning thrift store find redos

Paisley Stenciled Table from Domestic Imperfection

Donuts are a Salvation Army thing!

The Salvation Army is often credited making the donut popular in the United States. During World War I, The Salvation Army served doughnuts, often cooked in battle helmets, to U.S. troops in the field.

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8 stunning thrift store find redos

Customized Commercial Office Credenza from Sarah M Dorsey Designs

8 stunning thrift store find redos

Stenciled Flower Dresser from Petticoat Junktion

Inspired?  Go check out your local Salvation Army thrift store and see what potential treasures can be found!

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