8 Free Quilt Patterns to make!

This weekend, we are celebrating National Quilting Day, originated by The National Quilting Association in 1991. And I don’t know about you, but I love free stuff.  So, in honor of the day, I found 8 free quilt patterns for you!

8 free quilt patterns

With Spring just around the corner, we are all thinking bright spring colors.  How about a new project to brighten your day?  Here are eight free patterns to get you started!

8 free quilt patterns

Butterfliers Baby Quilt from Quiltmaker Magazine

8 free quilt patterns spring

Mango Tango Quilt Pattern from All People Quilt

8 free quilt patterns

Have a Heart Pattern from Piece ‘O Cake

8 free quilt patterns

Kaleidoscopic Kites Quilt from Fresh Lemons

12 free quilt patterns

Summer Jewels Free Quilt Pattern from Suzys Sitcom

8 free quilt patterns

Let’s Dance Quilt from Quilters Newsletter

8 free quilt patterns

Pinwheel Baby Quilt from Pat’s Knitting and Quilting

8 free quilt patterns

Hugs and Kisses Scrap Quilt from Lyn Brown’s Quilting Blog

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