Celebrating Fashion in White!

Today is White Shirt Day! Here on Daily Holiday Blog, we are going to celebrate the day with some white fashion fun.  Because if you are going to wear white today, you might as well look awesome while you are doing it!

white shirt dayThis History of White Shirt Day

On this day, workers wear white shirts to honor the first union strike of 1937.  The workers at General Motors sought higher wages, an eight hour workday, better working conditions and recognition of their union, the United Auto Workers.  White shirts signify that blue collar workers deserve the same respect as management.

The famous Sit-Down Strike began on Dec. 30, 1936, and lasted 44 days. The automaker finally agreed to recognize the union as the bargaining representative for the hourly employees.  Starting a whole new era.

On the fashion side, white is a very popular color to wear, but how do you wear it well?   You are in luck.  I found a great cute video by UrbanOG, that shows us the many ways to wear white!

Or how about some fun fashion from the artists at Etsy?

white shirt etsy fashion

Zip Front Trompel’Oiel Shirt from Great White Shirts

little white dress

Little White Dress from Lena Felice

white halter dress

The Cherry Bomb Classic Halter Dress from Moon Boot Studios

white shirt etsy fashion

Long Tunic in White from Dare 2 B Stylish

white shirt etsy fashion

Hand Knitted Mohair Sweater from KateSz Mohair Creations

white shirt etsy fashion

Cat Crop Top Tank from The Feline Boutique

white shirt tunic with squirrels

Squirrel Tunic from Murmuration

And to finish up this white fashion-fest, how about a clip from Seinfeld?  Remember the Puffy Shirt?

Happy White Shirt Day!  Celebrate in style!

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