10 Beautiful Personalized Wedding Gifts!

Today is Get a Different Name Day!  It is a day to change your name if you aren’t happy with it.  Here at Daily Holiday Blog, we are celebrating Get a Different Name Day with a look at the most popular way to change your name! How about a wedding!  I found 9 beautiful personalized wedding gifts that are perfect for the bride, groom and guests!


Did you know that in the United States there is no law or religious dictate that says the bride must take the groom’s last name. However, approximately 70% of Americans agree that a bride should change her last name.

With that in mind, I found some great personalized wedding gifts!

10 personalized wedding gifts

Custom Engraved Wooden Puzzle Wedding Guest Book from Wedding Craft Shop

9 beautiful personalized wedding gifts

Rules for a Happy Marriage Sign from Little Life Designs

Fun Fact: Las Vegas is the most popular wedding destination in the United States with over 100,000 weddings per year!  The busiest days in Vegas to be married?  How about Valentine’s Day and New Years Eve!  Which means there are a ton of folks getting married this weekend.

Las Vegas wedding totals far exceed the second popular wedding destination of Hawaii which only sees about 25,000 weddings a year.

9 beautiful personalized wedding gifts

Personalized Corkscrew Groomsmen Gifts from My Personal Memories

In the United States, the most popular day and time to be married is Saturday afternoon, followed by Saturday morning, Friday evening and Sunday afternoon.  In terms of cost, a late afternoon or early evening wedding is quite a bit more expensive than one held earlier in the day.

What is the most popular month to be married?  Well, June of course!  August is the second most popular month.

Did you know that nearly $72 billion is spent on wedding every year in the US?  That is big business!

10 personalized wedding gifts

Love Birds Personalized Poster Print from Kari Machal Designs

Fun Facts: Wedding rings are placed on the third finger of the left hand because ancient Egyptians believed the vein in that hand ran directly to the heart.

The bride’s veil traditionally symbolized her youth and virginity. Veils also hid the bride from jealous spirits or the Evil Eye. The modern white veil became popular during the Victorian era as a symbol of purity and modesty.

Did you know? Because white is the color of mourning in Eastern cultures, white wedding dresses are uncommon there.

9 beautiful personalized wedding gifts

Hand Stamped Vintage Wedding Cake Set from Jessica N Designs

Why does the groom stand on the bride’s right side? In many cultures, the groom often kidnapped the bride, and the groom’s friends would help him.  This is the reason behind modern-day groomsmen. At the alter, the groom always stood on the bride’s right side so that his sword hand would be free to fight off a jealous rival!  Ummm…romantic?

9 beautiful personalized wedding gifts

Handpainted Personalized Wedding Plate from Creations de Florence

What about the rice thing? Nearly all cultures have showered the wedding couple with symbolic food: the French throw wheat, Sicilians throw wheat bread and salt, and the English throw pieces of cake. Early Romans or Greeks threw nuts, dates, and seed-bearing plants. Bulgarians throw figs!  So I guess it isn’t so far off for Americans to throw rice.

However, many modern churches and wedding locations discourage rice throwing because rice can be fatal for birds who eat it.  Birdseed is a great substitute!

9 beautiful personalized wedding gifts

Personalized Art Print from Go Go BookArt

Fun Fact: In many societies, families save money to cover wedding expenses the same way Americans save money to cover a child’s college education. Many parents start saving money as soon as a daughter is born.

In the United States, this tradition has pretty much gone to the wayside.  More than 75% of couples pay for some or all of their own wedding.

9 beautiful personalized wedding gifts

Peacock Bridal Hanger from Get Hung Up

Unusual Wedding Traditions across the globe:

  • The Ozark people located in central America believed placing the dried tongue of a turtle dove in a loved one’s house would persuade him or her to marry.
  • Bedouin girls will often begin to sew their wedding dresses when they turn nine years old and so that they will finish their gown before they marry at the age of fourteen or fifteen.  That’s a heck of a lot of sewing!
  • Green is typically not worn at Scottish weddings because it is considered unlucky.  It is the color of fairies and an omen of revenge. They even consider it unlucky to eat green vegetables at a wedding!
  • To ensure fertility, the Irish would take a hen that was about to lay an egg and tie it to the wedding bed.
  • In the Orient, a crane is considered a symbol of life-long fidelity. They are often embroidered in the bride’s wedding dresses.  At Japanese weddings, the presence of 1001 white paper origami cranes is considered good luck.

9 beautiful personalized wedding gifts

Handmade Personalized Soap Favors from Hello Crafty

Did you know? An average wedding in the United States has 175 guests.

9 beautiful personalized wedding gifts

Personalized Wedding Keychain from Scrapheart Gifts

See anything you love?  Planning a wedding this year?  Attending one?  Either way, there is plenty of unique gifts offered by the artists of Etsy!

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