12 New Years resolutions suggested by my dog…

Did you know that 41% of folks make New Years resolutions each year?  And the month of January is just full of determined individuals who are striving towards their goals!  Then February happens.  Less than half of those folks keep their resolutions for six months and only a small percentage manage a whole year.

So why make them?  Well, it certainly doesn’t hurt to try and better yourself!  Here are some great ideas suggested by my dog, Ralph, who insists that resolutions don’t have to be difficult!

new years resolutions suggested by my dog

Yep, Ralph has a point.  Why make life so difficult?

Here are the top ten most common New Years resolutions and some humor to go along with them.  Since I write two blogs, it seems I have written about all of them!  And if you are truly serious about sticking with your resolutions this year, be sure to check out my post on 10 Easy Steps to Work Towards Your Goals!

new years resolutions losing weight

1. Lose Weight

Every now and then I wake up in the middle of the night after falling asleep in front of the television and am confronted with the latest infomercial. Something about being freshly wakened makes me more susceptible to these middle of the night ads. See what happens when I respond to a weight loss ad in For all us “Skinny Wannabees”.

world kindness day 60 great ways to be kind

2. Volunteer to Help Others

Random acts of kindness can be a rarity.  You can change your world with one simple act of kindness!   I put together 60 great ways to be kind.  Make it a great day for someone! Check out: World Kindness Day- 60 great ways to be kind!

15 things we learned at the family reunion

3. Spend More Time with Family

Is this one of your goals this year? How about a humorous look at the 15 things we learned at our Family Reunion

top ten ski resorts for 2014

4. Travel

Take a trip to the mountains!  Here is a look at the Top Ten Ski Resorts for 2014 according to Forbes!

a few tips from a craft blogger

5. Get a Better Job

Ever thought about earning money by blogging?  Here are a few tips from this crazy-eyed craft blogger that might help you out!

a look at extreme couponing

6. Save Money

Reality television over the past few years has taken a look at saving money coupon shopping.  The show, “Extreme Couponing“, is just one of the reality shows out there following a “coupon lady” from store to store.  But what happens when the reality of real life competes with reality tv? 14 Thoughts on the Reality of Coupon Shopping

make exercise fun with a jar of hikes

7. Get Fit

Is one of your new years resolutions getting more exercise?  Mine definitely is.  Currently, I work two full time jobs.  I’m an executive assistant by day and a blogger by night.  Both jobs entail me sitting on my butt.  Due to that fact, I have developed a severe case of “blogger butt”.  The solution?  Get off my butt and walk! Here is a fun idea to create a Jar ‘O Exercise!

vegetable ideas that kids will love

8. Eat Healthy Food

Originally sponsored by the United Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Association, Eat Your Vegetable Day is meant to bring awareness to healthy food options; particularly vegetables.  Children are notoriously picky eaters, and I have put together 7 veggie lunch ideas that kids will love!

great spa gifts from etsy

9. Manage Stress

A great way to manage stress is a relaxing trip to the spa.  Today we are looking at some great ways to pamper ourselves, and the nice folks at Etsy do not disappoint!  Come see what I found! Great Spa Gifts from Etsy!

diy projects from toilet paper tubes

10. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

Have you been collecting recycled toilet paper tubes to use for a cool winter project?  No?  Well, start collecting now.  The Sitcom offers four great DIY crafts and instructions for creating amazing things out of those formerly unappreciated pieces of tubular cardboard.

So make your resolutions and then go for it!  Happy New Year to all my awesome readers!

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  • norene January 2, 2014, 12:32 pm

    I enjoyed the blog and Ralph is just too darn cute!

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    Loved the one about Ralph. he has the right idea!!!

  • Barbara January 1, 2014, 10:02 am

    Happy New Year & Thanks for keeping me informed & amused. Ralph’s got the right attitude!


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