Origami Day- beautiful paper folding for the holidays!

Today is Origami Day!  Did you know that the folded paper crane is an international symbol of peace?  But there is much more to origami than simple paper folded birds.  Origami Day is all about promoting the art of paper folding and showcasing incredible creations.

In honor of the day, I am sharing some beautiful holiday origami that I found from the artists on Etsy!  And if you want to try out a bit of paper folding on your own, be sure to look at the bottom of the post for an awesome book on the subject called Origami Bonsai!

origami for the holidays decorations

Origami Ornament from Amber Glass Art

The Chinese were actually the first to create origami (the art of paper folding).  But it was the Japanese who developed origami and made it into an art form.

origami for the holidays decorations

Origami Christmas Tree Card from Paper Imaginations

Origami is traditionally made out of a square piece of origami paper, which can be white, colorful or full of designs. However, origami  can also be made from coarse cloth, foil and believe it or not, even food! Many artists around the world specialize in these different types of materials, including international chefs and fashion designers.

origami for holidays paper folding decorations

Origami Crane Necklace from Lovely Element

The art of Origami inspires other artists to create in forms other than paper.  For example, fashion designer Christian Dior selected an origami and Japanese theme for his 2007 Haute Couture collection. Also, architects have been inspired by Origami.  Many buildings in Japan have an origami look to them.

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Origami Paper Cactus from Joyful Array

Did you know?  The Wings for Peace organization created the world’s largest origami crane in 1999. It stood 215 feet tall and weighed 1,750 pounds. The crane was so big that it had to be made inside of a football stadium, and was made of 100% paper.

origami for holidays paper folding decorations

Mini Origami Dress Card from Kitty Kat Kards

There is an origami airplane championship held every two years in Japan. The record for the longest indoor flight of an origami folded plane is 22.48 seconds – held by Takuo Toda, who is credited with inventing the paper airplane.

origami gift ideas

Origami Angry Birds Set from Origami Land Decorations

Did you know? A Giant King Cobra measuring just under 150 feet long, was folded in Singapore to celebrate the year of the snake in March, 2001.

origami for holidays paper folding decorations

 Origami Christmas Paper Flower Wreath from Kreations by Kia

Candy wrappers can be folded and made into origami models.  In Mexico, candy wrappers are weaved into fashionable handbags and purses. These colorful items are very popular with tourists.  Not only does the art help to clean up the environment, but it allows these artistic native Mexican Indians to be self sufficient.

origami gift ideas


Origami Gift Tags from Holiday Imaginations

origami gift ideas

Origami Butterfly Earrings from CMC Creations

origami bonsai book review paper flowers

Want to try your hand at it?  Be sure to see my review on Origami Bonsai!  This book is incredibly detailed and even includes paper and lots of great patterns!

Celebrate Origami Day with some beautiful art.  Be sure to check out the Etsy shops listed above!

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    Thank you so much for featuring my origami butterfly earrings on your fabulous blog. Have a wonderful Holiday Season! ~Christine


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