9 Fun Gecko Gifts from Etsy!

Today is Reptile Awareness Day!  This day is meant to promote awareness of reptiles, and encourage learning about both them and their natural environments and ecological challenges.  Here at Daily Holiday Blog, we are going to concentrate on the gecko, with some interesting facts and great gifts from Etsy! 9 fun gecko themed gifts

There are more than 6,500 known species of reptiles.  Snakes, lizards, turtles, aligators, crocodiles and many more!  Personally, I like to keep them at a distance, but they are definitely important to our eco-system.  Like many other animals, habitat loss, pollution, climate changes, diseases, hunting and illegal pet trade is threatening their existence.  More than 300 reptile species are considered endangered today.

reptile appreciation day great gecko gifts from etsy

Giorgio the Gecko Amigurumi Crochet Pattern from Ildikko

There are over 800 different kinds of geckos and they live on every single continent in the world with the exception of Antartica!

reptile appreciation day great gecko gifts from etsy

Silver Gecko Ear Wrap from Marty Magic

Did you know? The only known surface a gecko’s feet can’t stick to is Teflon.

reptile appreciation day great gecko gifts from etsy

Gecko and Leaf Lampwork Pendant from Vortex Glassworks

Millions of microscopic hairs on their toes are what help geckos run up walls, windows and even defy gravity by walking upside down on ceilings. Scientists are currently looking at ways to duplicate these amazing sticking powers. They may some day invent gecko-like shoes and gloves that will let people climb buildings like Spiderman!

reptile appreciation day great gecko gifts from etsy

Gecko Metal Bookends from Just for the Art of It

Did you know? Geckos are carnivores. They eat small insects. After a gecko eats, it cleans its mouth with its tongue.

9 fun gecko themed gifts

Copper Lizard Necklace from Ildanach After Dark

Geckos use their tails to help balance and to store fat and water. They can live on that fat as long as 9 months, without eating.

reptile appreciation day great gecko gifts from etsy

 Gecko Quilt Pattern from Castilleja Cotton

If the Gecko’s tail is grabbed by a predator or snagged on something, he has the power to let go of his tail. Gecko’s are able to do this because their tail bones have small cracks that allow it to break easily, creating a quick way of escape.

9 fun gecko themed gifts

Dichroic glass gecko pendant from Harrach Glass

When a lizard looses its tail, it can grow a new one. The new tail is sometimes a different color, and can be shorter and/or stiffer than the original tail. Regeneration at it’s best!

9 fun gecko themed gifts

Gecko Original Painting from Raechel Saunders

Did you know? Geckos are considered to be good luck in Hawaii.

9 fun gecko themed gifts

Gecko Dog Collar from The Noble Beast

So, how to celebrate Reptile Awareness Day?  Maybe a trip to the local zoo, or aquarium.  And be sure to check out some of the amazing Etsy shops featured above!

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