Cranky Co-worker Day- let’s celebrate with Grumpy Cat!

Today is Cranky Co-Worker Day!  What does that mean?  Well we are celebrating that dude that simply never seems to be having a nice day. Chances are there is at least one in your office!  Today we have permission to join along!  But since Cranky Co-Worker Day falls on Monday this year, I thought we’d celebrate with a little Grumpy Cat.  Because who is crankier than that?

grumpy coworker day lets celebrate with grumpy cat

Grumpy Cat is an internet sensation that first appeared in September 2012.  Since then, his hilariously grumpy face has become a popular meme, garnering millions of fans. His real name is Tardar Sauce, and his permanently grumpy-looking face is apparently due to feline dwarfism and an underbite.  And in all actuality, according to his owners, he is rather sweet. But his little face has become a star!  “The Official Grumpy Cat” on Facebook has over 1.6 million Likes!  Do a search for Grumpy Cat and you will come up with thousands of funny memes.  I did a search on Etsy and you will love what I found!

grumpy coworker day lets celebrate with grumpy cat

Grumpy Kitty Song Pillow Case Cover from Ta Da Boutique

grumpy coworker day lets celebrate with grumpy cat

Grumpy Cat Wall Clock from Clocks Galore Grumpy Cat was featured on the front page of The Wall Street Journal on May 30, 2013, and featured on the cover of the October 7, 2013 issue of New York Magazine! grumpy cat crochet hat pattern Grumpy Cat Crochet Hat Pattern from Made by Marji Did you know? MSNBC named Grumpy Cat 2012’s most influential cat.

grumpy coworker day lets celebrate with grumpy cat

Tardar Sauce the Grumpy Cat Pattern from Epic Kawaii grumpy cat coffee mug Cranky Cat Mug from Humerus Wares grumpy cat plush animal Grumpy Cat Handmade Plush Animal from Alelale

grumpy coworker day lets celebrate with grumpy cat

Vincent Van No Print from Sagittarius Gallery So celebrate with a little grumpy cat today.  It may even put a smile on your face!

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