12 Fun S’mores Recipes!

Today is National S’mores Day!  One of my favorite holidays of the year! Because, really, who doesn’t love a s’more?

12 fun smores recipes

A typical S’more consists of a piece of chocolate, a graham cracker, and of course marshmallow.  But ingenious cooks out there have come up with some great variations of this awesome little treat.  Come see what I found!

smores donut national chocolate day recipe

S’mores Donuts from PDX Food Love

smores cookie bars national chocolate day recipes

S’mores Cookie Bars from Chocolate Chocolate and More

smores recipe national chocolate day recipe

Roadhouse S’mores from The Chew

smores pudding national chocolate day recipe

S’mores Pudding from Mrs Regueiro’s Plate

verrines smores national chocolate day recipes

Verrines S’mores from Les Gourmandises d’Isa

smores cake national chocolate day recipe

S’mores Cake from Blonde Honey

nutella smores cupcakes national chocolate day recipe

Chocolate S’mores Cupcakes from Glorious Treats

nutella smores cups national chocolate day recipe

Nutella S’mores Cheesecake Cups from Lemon Tree Dwelling

smore pops national chocolate day recipe

S’more Pops from Cookie Carrie

smores truffles national chocolate day recipe

S’mores Truffles from Liesl’s Confection Dissection

Triple Dipped S’mores Apples Recipe from Country Living

smores martini national chocolate day recipe

S’mores Martini from Hungry Couple

So… is your mouth watering?  You certainly can’t go wrong with s’mores.  So pick your favorite recipe and celebrate the day!  What a great excuse to break the diet!

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