9 Fun ways to decorate your sunglasses!

Today we are celebrating National Sunglasses Day!  Why?  I’m really not sure.  But it is hot and sunny out and everyone is wearing them.  That is good enough reason for me! Never one to go with the crowd, I found 9 fun ways to decorate your sunglasses.  Because wearing sunglasses should be fun!

9 fun ways to decorate your sunglasses

In 1929, Sam Foster sold the first pair of sunglasses (Foster Grants) at the Woolworth in Atlantic City.  And history was made!  Sunglasses became very popular as early as the 1930’s.  Today, the Sunglasses industry brings in $34 Billion dollars a year!

fun ways to decorate your sunglasses

Painted Sunglasses from The Paper Mama

Some of the major brands have been around forever.  Bausch & Lomb created sunglasses that could protect pilots from the dangers of high altitude glare in the 1930’s.  These were a dark green tint that absorbed light.

Ray Ban got in the action in 1936 when they created anti-glare aviator style sunglasses.

fun ways to decorate your sunglasses

DIY Embroidered Sunglasses from Honestly WTF

Which brand is the most popular?

The honor goes to Ray-Ban sunglasses which average about 10 million units sold worldwide each year.  Ray-Bans were made famous by many celebrities.  Remember the Blues Brothers?  Oh, and then there was Tom Cruise in Risky Business.  Three years later, he casually gave Ray-Ban a 40 percent sales increase by wearing Ray Bans as a fighter pilot.

fun ways to decorate your sunglasses

DIY Rhinestone Sunglasses from Trinkets in Bloom

Fun Fact:  Singer Elton John is rumored to have over 1,000 pair of sunglasses!

fun ways to decorate your sunglasses

DIY Flower Sunglasses from Hello Luvvy

Did you know? The most expensive pair of sunglasses sold on EBay for $250,000.  The owner?  Well Elvis Presley! Of course!

fun ways to decorate your sunglasses

DIY Baroque Specs and Sunnies from Inspiration and Realisation

How often do your break your sunglasses?

It is estimated that every 14 seconds, someone sits on, loses, or breaks their sunglasses.  I think I am a huge contributor to that number!

fun ways to decorate your sunglasses

DIY Pearl Encrusted Sunglasses from Mr. Kate

As for ingenuity, In 2004, Oakley got in the action with sunglasses with a built-in digital audio player, and then later with built-in wireless cellphone headset. Very cool.

fun ways to decorate your sunglasses

Patriotic Pinwheel Sunglasses from Paper and Fox

Which brand do the action heroes wear?

The Terminator, Jason Borne ,Mr. and Mrs. Smith all love Oakley!

fun ways to decorate your sunglasses

DIY Red White and Blue Shades from The Sharpie Blog

But some walk their own path…

Pop star Lady Gaga likes flamboyant eyewear and often has it custom made by Armani And Louis Vuitton.  She also has a personal design team called The Hause of Gaga who create sunglasses for her that are exclusive to her.

9 fun ways to decorate your sunglasses

Silly Snowmen Sunglasses from Suzys Sitcom

So go grab your iced tea and your pair of sunglasses and make something unique and fun that even Lady Gaga will envy!  Happy National Sunglasses Day!

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