12 Fabulous Fish and Seafood Recipes!

Today we are celebrating National Catfish Day!  It is a day set aside to observe the value of farm raised catfish!  Here at Daily Holiday Blog, we thought that we would extend the celebration to all fish and seafood and bring you some great recipes!  Because we are hungry today…

seafood and fish recipes

In the United States, catfish are definitely a favorite! They are the third most popular fish consumed in the US.  A southern favorite, the most popular cooking method is to coat it with cornmeal and fry it.

I found some great catfish recipes for you and then since we were all into fish, I’m sharing with you some yummy seafood and fresh fish recipes too!  Oh, and some fun catfish facts to go along with them!  Ready?

Catfish Parmesan from Taste of Home

The catfish is a ray finned fish that in the wild generally is a bottom feeder. Catfish are named for their prominent barbels, which look a whole lot like cat whiskers. Those whiskers are actually loaded with taste buds!  Over 27,000 of them to be exact!

12 fabulous fish recipes

Vodka and Clementine Glazed Salmon from The View from Great Island

Did you know? Catfish are nocturnal.

12 fabulous fish recipes

 Simple Lobster Dinner from Design + Life + Kids

Fun Fact: Catfish can get pretty darn big.  The largest catfish caught in the U.S. was a blue catfish weighing 150 pounds in 1879. The largest known blue caught in Tennessee was a 130-pounder, fished from the Fort Loudon Reservoir in 1976.

Fried Catfish from Grandparents.com

Did you know that some catfish can walk?

The walking catfish can travel across land from one body of water to another. It uses its pectoral fins like legs and has a modified gill chamber to get oxygen from the air.

Why did the catfish cross the road?  To get away from Long John Silver!

I saw a peanut stand, heard a rubber band,
I saw a needle that winked its eye.
But I think I will have seen about everything
When I see a catfish walk by…

Author unknown

12 fabulous fish recipes

Citrus Dill Salmon from Mooshu Jenne

There are also Electric Catfish!

A native to Africa, an Electric Catfish is capable of generating up to 350 volts!

12 fabulous fish recipes

Crock Pot Poached Tilapia in Hollandaise Sauce from Parenting Chaos

But let’s get back to the fish in the US.  Most of the farm raised catfish in the US (about 95%) are raised in the states of Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama and Louisiana.

And they aren’t electric…

12 fabulous fish recipes

Low Country Boil from Momma Lew

12 fabulous fish recipes

Baked Stripe Bass from Amanda’s Cookin’

catfish joke


A new term that came with the new age of technology that has absolutely nothing to do with the actual fish.  To “Catfish” means to pretend you are someone else on the internet.  Ever been “Catfished”?

12 fabulous fish recipes

Perfect Fish Tacos from Momma Lew

12 fabulous fish recipes

Easy Blackened Salmon from The Thrifty Couple

12 fabulous fish recipes

Mahi Mahi Skewers from The View from Great Island

12 fabulous fish recipes

Catfish Cakes from Live Outdoors

Hungry for a little fish?  Enjoy National Catfish Day with a yummy fish recipe!  And watch out for those walking catfish…

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