Happy May Day! 7 Fun crafts for summer!

Today is May Day!  For centuries, many cultures have celebrated this day as the first day of summer.  It is a day for welcoming warmer weather.  After a long hard winter, it is a happy day for a lot of us! To celebrate the day, I put together 7 fun summery crafts!

7 fun summer crafts

May Day is an official public holiday in many parts of the world.  Early celebrations of May Day were intended to improve crop growth and to help livestock produce more offspring. Later, the holiday became an occasion for people to get together and have fun in the sun.

7 fun crafts for summer

DIY Floral Wall Sconce from Crafts Unleashed

The MayPole!

One of the traditional celebrations of May Day is dancing around a maypole decorated with ribbons. Folks dance around, wrapping the many colored ribbons of the pole around each other.  Originally, the maypole was made from a tree cut from the woods.  Now, if you happen to see one, it is most likely just a metal pole.

7 fun crafts for summer

Vintage Bouquet Tutorial from Suzys Sitcom

Did you know?  Many cultures celebrate the day by crowning a Queen of May and handing out May baskets of flowers.  A beautiful way to celebrate!

7 fun crafts for summer

Ruffles and Flowers Wreath from Barbwired

Fun Fact: In parts of the Uk, collecting greenery to make garlands is part of the traditional May celebration; for that reason some parts of the UK still call it Garland Day.

7 fun crafts for summer

Birdhouse Shelf from Suzys Sitcom

Umm…there is a tree at the door…

In Germany, a tradition of the first of May is to send a token to someone you love. Men will have a tree with streamers sent to a girl’s house. Girls can return the favor in leap years. Beware, though, if the streamers are white, that means they dislike you.  And if they are colorful, well you are going to have to find a place for that tree!

7 fun crafts for summer

Egg Heads with Cress Hair from Nurture Store

In Hawaii, May 1 is known as Lei Day, a day for celebrating Hawaiian culture.

7 fun crafts for summer

Mixed Media Birdhouse from Suzys Sitcom

7 fun crafts for summer

Easy DIY Decorative Soaps from Suzys Sitcom

Celebrate the first of May with some colorful crafty fun!

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    Such great ideas, I know my kids will love these! I especially like the eggs and birdhouse…too cute. 🙂


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