Fun Ideas with Zippers!

Today is the anniversary of the zipper!  On this day in the year 1917, a commercially viable model of a zipper was successfully manufactured by the B F Goodrich Company who also first coined the word “zipper”.  Because I’m a crafty sort, I put together some fun ideas with zippers for you, and some fun facts to go along with them!

fun ideas with zippers


Did you know? A gentleman named Elias Howe, who by the way also invented the sewing machine, actually came up with the great idea of an “Automatic Continuous Clothing Closure” many years earlier in 1851. Unfortunately, he did not see the relevance of it, and missed the chance of becoming the official founder of the zipper.

fun ideas with zippers

Newsboy Hat with Zipper Flower Crochet pattern from Croche Trend

Zippers are big business!

The company YKK dominates the zipper market at over 50% worldwide.  (Hence the YKK on the front of most zipper pulls!)  The global market for zippers is currently estimated at over 8 billion dollars!

fun ideas with zippers

Zipper Butterfly Necklace from Pete and Veronicas

Fun Fact: The National Manufacturing center for YKK is in Macon, GA, and produces around 65,000 miles of zippers annually.

fun ideas with zippers

Zipper Flowers Tutorials from Cheri Demeter

Zippers have gone to the moon!

YKK makes flame retardant zippers for fire suits, airtight zippers for bagpipes and zippers for fish farm nets. And yes, even airtight zippers for spacesuits!

fun ideas with zippers

Blue Dragonfly Zipper Brooch from P39 Designs

fun ideas with zippers

Owl Zipper Earrings from Fantasiria

Celebrate the zipper today, and check out some of these fun crafty shops!

Hope your day is a good one!

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  • Katy April 30, 2014, 4:08 pm

    Hi Suzy!

    Thank you so much for including us in your “Anniversary of the Zipper” celebration! We are honored to be featured alongside these other wonderful zipper artists!

    Thanks again!
    (aka Pete of Pete & Veronica’s)


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