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Today is National Plant a Flower Day!  Oh, welcome Spring!  Unfortunately, for some of us, Spring isn’t quite here yet.  But I totally have your back.  Let’s grow a garden in the kitchen!

how to grow a kitchen garden

Love fresh herbs?  Well they are surprisingly easy to grow- even on your kitchen counter!  I found some great ideas for small kitchen gardens and garden decor, along with some great tips for growing herbs inside!

Come see what I found!

indoor herb garden ideas

Herb Markers from August Wren

Herbs are actually easy to grow indoors.  And how convenient!  Right in your kitchen and ready for cooking!  There is nothing better than fresh herbs!

Here are some easy starter tips:

  • Herbs love 5-8 hours of sunlight.  Window sills or countertops are perfect for this.  Find a window or spot that gets decent sunlight.
  • When planting, use seed-starting soil or potting mix.  Both are light and easier on the seedlings.
  • Be sure that your container has good drainage.  Adding a layer of small stones in the bottom will help.
  • Once plants have been established (about 10 days), you can feed them with a bit of fertilizer about every two weeks.

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indoor herb garden ideas

Countertop Herb Garden from HGTV

Herb Maintenance Tips:

  • Water your herbs only when the surface of the soil is dry.  Misting is good, with the exception of Basil.  Basil hates to get it’s leaves wet!  Not sure how it handles the great outdoors…
  • When it comes time to harvest, never trim more than 1/3 of a plant’s leaves.

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indoor herb garden ideas

Clay Tag Tutorial from The Whimsical Wife

Herbs that love the indoors!


You can find many varieties of Basil, such as the classic “Genovese”, “Lemon” for a touch of citrus, “Spicy Globe”, or “Siam Queen” for a bit of spice. Basil thrives in soil that drains well.  Be careful not to over water, and keep the water off the leaves.

Bay Leaves (Laurus Nobilis)

This plant grows slowly at first, but will soon form a small bush that can even be trained into a pretty topiary! For a good head start, you can purchase an already started plant at your local nursery.


Chives are a perennial herb with a delicate onion flavor and are incredibly easy to grow as they do not require much light or care.  Chives are easiest to start from an already-established plant. Just pull up a bunch from the established plant (including the roots), place it in a small pot half-full of potting soil, then cover the roots up to the crowns with more potting soil. Cut about one-third of growth off the top to stimulate new growth.


Chervil is similar in appearance and taste to parsley.  When harvesting, snip the outer leaves and stems.

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indoor herb garden ideas

Tulips in Water from Sand and Sisal


Cilantro is an annual with a distinctive parsley/sage/citrus flavor, and is best started from seed.  While the plant does grow quickly, once harvested, it will not regrow.  You can extend your harvest by starting several different pots of cilantro at different times.


Just like Cilantro, Dill is an annual and once harvested it will not regrow.  So plant several pots in different stages to increase your harvest times.

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indoor herb garden ideas

Sisal Wrapped Coffee Cans from My House and Home


Peppermint and Spearmint are great choices for indoor gardens!  Mint is rather aggressive, so be sure to give it it’s own pot!  Grown in the kitchen, your room will smell fresh and minty! Peppermint will thrive in shade, but make sure it’s in a spot where it gets at least a little bit of light each day.


Oregano is a very productive plant, and will produce for a good two years.  The trick is to harvest often.  The Greek variety of oregano is easiest to grow; however all oregano requires six to eight hours of sunlight per day, so a well-lit window, particularly one with southwestern sun exposure is best.

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indoor herb garden ideas

Starting Seeds DIY Greenhouse from The Frugal Girls


Parsley is very easy to grow, though the seeds can be difficult to germinate and may take up to two weeks to see results. Parsley doesn’t require much light or maintenance once you get it started. Cut the outer leaves when harvesting. This will promote new growth from the center and keep the plant productive for longer periods of time.


For best flavor, choose a more compact upright variety such as ‘Taylor’s Blue’ or ‘Salem.’ Even though rosemary loves drier soil, it’s imperative that the soil is never allowed to dry out completely or the plant may die.

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indoor herb garden ideas

Hanging Coffee Cup Herb Garden from By Stephanie Lynn


This plant requires lots of sun!  Change it up with creeping ‘Oregano’ thyme, with its great thyme flavor and oregano undertones.


For inside gardening, you would probably want to go with the 12″ tall dwarf sage.  It is much more compact.

So bring some spring into your house and start a pretty herb garden!  Celebrate plant a flower day with a little herb love!

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    I love to garden, and can the counter top herb garden in my kitchen. Thanks for sharing the ideas.

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    I love all of these ideas! This something I want to learn to do well so come the fall in the Midwest, I can still have fresh herbs to use in my cooking! Thanks for collecting ideas and sharing!


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