Fun DIY Pencil Crafts!

Happy National Pencil Day! Today marks the day in 1858 that Hymen Lipman received the first patent for attaching an eraser to the end of a pencil! So let’s celebrate that momentous day with 7 fun DIY Pencil Crafts!

national pencil day 7 fun diy pencil crafts

Pencils are incredibly popular.  More than 14 billion pencils are produced in the world every year! That’s enough to circle the globe a whopping 62 times! A good sized tree can make around 300,000 pencils, and the average pencil can draw a line about 70 miles long!

Cool stats!  But what can you do with a pencil besides write with it?

Well, I have a few answers for you!  Come see what I found!

diy pencil crafts washi tape

Washi Tape Pencils and Notebooks from Lia Griffith

Did you know why pencils are mostly painted yellow?

This tradition apparently began in 1890 when the L & C Hardtmuth Company of Austria-Hungary introduced their Koh-I-Noor brand, named after the famous diamond.  This particular pencil was expensive and denoted high quality- and was painted yellow.  Other companies then began to copy the yellow color so that their pencils would be considered high quality too!  And well, it just kind of stuck.

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Did you know that pencils didn’t have erasers until 1858?

Teachers felt that it would encourage children to make mistakes.  Until the eraser was invented, folks often used pieces of bread to erase mistakes.  To this day, most pencils in England still do not have erasers, while the in the US, most every pencil has one.

pencil crafts toadstool painted pencils

Toadstool Pencils from Scissors, Paper, Wok

Thomas Edison loved pencils.  He had his pencils specially made to be only three inches long, thicker than standard pencils and with softer graphite than was normally available.

Fun Fact: One million pencils are used annually on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

Click here for more pencil crafts and fun facts!

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