Day of the Seal- Fun crafts, patterns and more!

This weekend, we are celebrating the International Day of the Seal!  In honor of this amazing animal, I found some great seal crafts, patterns and fun facts for you and a little information on the true purpose of this holiday!

day of the seal crafts patterns

In 1982 Congress declared the International Day of the Seal in order to draw attention to the cruelty of seal hunts and the great possibility of their eventual extinction.  Zoos and aquariums around the world observe this day with special programs and activities.

Here is a little information of the true purpose of this holiday, put together by Humane Society International.

Did you know? There are 32 species of seals. The largest seal is called the southern elephant seal.  It can grow up to about 13 feet in length, and weigh more than two tons!  The Galapagos fur seal is the smallest at about 4 feet long and 65 pounds.

day of the seal crafts patterns

Baby Seal Paper Craft from Paper Replika

Seals are carnivores.  They love meat.  An average seal’s diet includes fish, and squid.  Those seals that live in arctic regions also dine on penguins and other wildlife.   Seals find prey by detecting vibrations using their whiskers.

day of the seal crafts patterns

Penguin, Fish and Seal Pattern from Dolly and Paws

While seals do spend lots of time in the water, but they breed, give birth and nurse their young on shore.

day of the seal crafts patterns

Seal Softie Pattern from Sew Daily

You can find seals all over the world! Depending on the species, they can be found from polar to tropical waters. In the United States, the most concentrated areas of seals are California and New England.

day of the seal crafts patterns

Cute Seal Snack from

Seal babies grow fast!  The milk that the females feed their pups can be up to 50% fat. This accounts for their very quick growth.  A young seal can gain three to five pounds per day!

day of the seal crafts patterns

Seal Amigurumi Crochet Pattern from Patchwork Moose

Seals do have natural predator such as sharks, the killer whale and polar bears.  But their number one predator is man.  Seals have been hunted commercially for their pelts, meat and blubber for many years.  Some have even become extinct such as the Caribbean Monk Seal.

day of the seal crafts patterns

Adorable Baby Seal Cross Stitch Pattern from Andwabisabi Cross Stitch

In the United States, seals are protected under the Marine Mammal Protection Act.  The Steller Sea Lion and Hawaiian Monk Seal are also protected under the Endangered Species Act due to their vanishing numbers.

Celebrate National Day of the Seal and consider donating to your local zoo or Humane Society!

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