Fun with Gumdrops- Recipes, Crafts and More!

Today is National Gumdrop Day!  Yum!  In honor of the day, I found some great gumdrop recipes, gumdrop crafts and much more!
fun with gumdrops recipes crafts and more

Gumdrops are a fruit or spice flavored sugar coated gelatin candy, usually conical in shape. They were apparently invented in 1801 by a gentleman named Percy Trusdale.  Their colorful cone shaped presence can now be found in any candy store!  They are also fun to craft with!  Come see what I found!

fun with gumdrops recipes crafts and more

Gumdrop Crab and Fish Cupcake Toppers from The Decorated Cookie

Did you know?  The most popular flavors of gumdrops are cherry, grape, orange, lemon and spice flavors like clove, cinnamon, mint and licorice.

fun with gumdrops recipes crafts and more

Gumdrop People and Game from Restless Risa

Originally, gumdrops were only flavored with spices such as clove, allspice, cinnamon, spearmint, anise, wintergreen and licorice.

fun with gumdrops recipes crafts and more

Gumdrop Wreath from Rara Bakes

Gumdrops have evolved! Since becoming popular, the little gumdrop has evolved into other popular candies.

  • Dots gumdrops were invented in the 1940s and can be found in movie theaters around the country.
  • Gummi bears, created in Germany are also very popular.
  • And then don’t forget about the gummy worms, bugs, hamburgers, pizza!

fun with gumdrops recipes crafts and more

Homemade Gumdrops from Mom on Time Out

In the US, three other “old fashioned” gumdrop candies are also popular: Orange Slices, Licorice Babies, and Spearmint Leaves. You can find them in candy stores, drug stores and even gas stations!

fun with gumdrops recipes crafts and more

Sweet Rose Treat from Craftberry Bush

fun with gumdrops recipes crafts and more

Cookie Gumdrop Pizza from Betty Crocker

Celebrate Gumdrop Day with some colorful fun!

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    Great round-up, especially love the gum drop wreath! Visiting from Show + Tell party.

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    What great ideas using gum drops. You just want to eat them up.

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