Champion Crab Races Day- 8 fun crab themed gifts!

Today we are celebrating Champion Crab Races Day!  This unusual sporting event is held in Crescent City, CA, where they race Dungeness crabs. I’m totally not kidding! The crabs are urged down a four-foot raceway, prizes are awarded, and the winning crab gets to go back to the water. Oh, and throughout the day about 3,000 pounds of fresh cracked crab are served!  Being that I’m a bit far from California, I found 8 fun crab themed gifts to celebrate the day with!

8 fun crab themed gifts

The Champion Crab Race event began in 1976, but its origins are older. Traditionally, local fishermen returned to port after a day of crabbing and celebrated the catch by racing their liveliest crabs in a chalked circle.  And it grew from there.

So, with crabs on my mind, I perused the shops of Etsy and found some great crab themed items that you will love!  Come see what I found!

8 fun crab themed gifts

Ruffle Baby Crab Romper from Pretty Little Rose

Crab racing is apparently a popular sport.  In my research on this strange holiday, I discovered that racing crabs is not such an unusual thing!

Hermit crab racing is popular all over the world.  On a typical night, these crabs compete in 12 to 14 heat races, and are bet upon by their owners.  Just like a horse race only creepy crawlier!

8 fun crab themed gifts

Crochet Crab Pattern from Ksenia Design

Here’s how each race unfolds: The crustaceans hang out underneath an upside-down plastic salad bowl at the center of a huge round table.  The table is marked with an outside ring or “finish line”.  When the bowl is lifted, and crabs scatter in all directions. The first to cross the finish line wins and advances to the next race.

8 fun crab themed gifts

Wood Crab Wall Clock from Graphic Spaces

8 fun crab themed gifts

Felt Crab Pincushion Pattern from Typing with Tea

8 fun crab themed gifts

Red Crab Butter Dish from Sara Hunter Designs

8 fun crab themed gifts

Lobster and Crab Hand Knitted Sweater from Knatalie Knits

8 fun crab themed gifts

Ceramic Crab Pin Brooch from Sean Brown

8 fun crab themed gifts

Crab Purse from Happy Walrus

So, celebrate the day with a crab race, a really nice dinner, or just peruse the shops of Etsy for great crab-ware!  Happy Champion Crab Races Day!

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