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Canadian Maple Syrup Day- 8 Sweet Recipes!

In 2010, it was decided that Canada needed a special day to mark the beginning of the syrup rising in the maple trees. Hence the start of a great new holiday!  Happy Canadian Maple Syrup Day!  In honor of the day, I found 8 sweet maple syrup recipes for you to try!

8 canadian maple syrup recipes

Maple syrup day is about celebrating the natural gift of maple syrup, a spark of hope in the coldness of winter.  And we could certainly use a little spark on these cold winter days!  And what would be better to celebrate with than something made from warm maple syrup?

8 canadian maple syrup recipes

Maple Syrup Creme Brulee from Mobile Cuisine

I love this holiday because in essence we are celebrating the gifts of nature!  The taste of maple syrup is rich and delicious and a far better alternative than regular table syrup which is made mostly of corn syrup.

8 canadian maple syrup recipes

Maple Pecan Sticky Buns from Crown Maple

8 canadian maple syrup recipes

Maple Syrup Cake from BBC Good Food

Maple and Pear Upside Down Cake from NY Times

8 canadian maple syrup recipes

Canadian Maple Candy Recipe from Killer Bunnies Inc.

8 canadian maple syrup recipes

Pecan Tarts with Maple Syrup and Butterscotch Chips from Thrifty Foods

8 canadian maple syrup recipes

Maple Syrup Scones from Putney Farm

8 canadian maple syrup recipes

Maple Fudge from Maple Syrup World

8 canadian maple syrup recipes

Want 10 more delicious maple syrup recipes?  Be sure to check out my post on National Maple Syrup Day- which was December 17.  You will find some great savory maple syrup recipes and a bit of history and the process for making maple syrup!

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