Tin Can Crafts- 10 great ideas!

Today we are celebrating Tin Can Day!  On this day back in 1810, an inventor named Peter Durand patented the tin can.  In honor of the day, we here at Daily Holiday Blog are celebrating with 10 tin can crafts.  Because not only are those cans great for food, but they are great for recycled craftiness too!

tin cans crafts- 10 great ideas

It may seem a little silly to celebrate the tin can, but the invention of the tin can along with the process of sterilizing and sealing food revolutionized food storage and prevented such illnesses as scurvy which plagued sailors who had no access to fresh food at the time.

In current years, recycling of tin and aluminum cans has become a big issue.  For those of us that craft, we have found other ways to recycle.  Here are 10 great ideas, along with some interesting fun facts about tin cans!

crafting with tin cans 10 great ideas

Tin Can Crafts by My Country Bog of This and That

Back in the early 1800’s, scurvy ravaged sailors and foraging was not always feasible in the Napoleonic campaigns. Napoleon offered a prize to the Frenchman who could solve the problem. It was won by Nicolas Appert in 1809, who created the process of sterilizing  food by heat and sealing it in a container hermetically.

Shortly after, the tin can was invented and the two processes revolutionized food storage.

crafting with tin cans 10 great ideas

Mr. Recycle Head Man by Delia Creates

Did you know? The first can opener wasn’t designed until 50 years after the first tin cans were manufactured! Until the can opener was invented, folks had to use knives, chisels or even rocks to puncture the tin cans and reach the delicious contents.

The can opener was first used by the U.S. military in the Civil War. In 1866, J. Osterhoudt patented the tin can with a key opener that you can find on sardine cans.

crafting with tin cans 10 great ideas

Tin Can Creatures by My Very Educated Mother

Fun Fact: When the first tin cans were produced in the UK, the best craftsmen could only produce up to 60 cans a day. In modern times, production lines are manufacturing over one million cans per day.

crafting with tin cans 10 great ideas

Tin Cans with Styrofoam Tiles from Instructables

Did you know? Tin cans are no longer made entirely of tin. For much of the 20th century, cans were made primarily of tinplate steel. In the 1960s, aluminum cans were introduced and, because they can be made more cheaply, replaced tin cans.

crafting with tin cans 10 great ideas

DIY Citronella Candles from Garden Therapy

Fun Fact: Metals, unlike many other materials such as paper, can be recycled indefinitely without loosing any of their properties. Currently, the only source for new tin in the U.S. is from recycling used tin cans.

Did you know? Recycled tin is so pure that it is used to make stannous fluoride, the “cavity fighter” in toothpaste.

crafting with tin cans 10 great ideas

Bling Storage for the Bathroom by Creative in Chicago

Can sizes are standard in the United States. This includes small cans containing one serving of a food item to large cans intended for distribution to schools, restaurants, and food service. Outside the United States, can sizes are different because they are based on the metric system.

crafting with tin cans 10 great ideas

Punched Lights by Made by Mums Boven

crafting with tin cans 10 great ideas

Tin Can Caddy by Shabby Chic Inspired

crafting with tin cans 10 great ideas

Upcycled Tin Cans by Frugal Interior Design

crafting with tin cans 10 great ideas

Bug Shaped Bird Feeder from Lowes

In honor of the day, consider recycling your steel and aluminum cans!

  • Empty the steel cans.
  • Place containers in your curbside recycling bin or take them to your local recycling center.
  • Complete the recycling loop by buying products made with recycled steel.

If you would like more information as to where you can go to recycle your cans in your area, visit Recycle Steel.org.

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