St. Nicholas Day-12 Unique Santa Ornaments and Gifts!

Today is St. Nicholas Day!  In many countries, on the morning of December 6, folks will find their shoes or stockings filled with gifts and sugary treats. That is if they were good!  Today, on Daily Holiday Blog, we are going to take a look at the fun history of St. Nicholas and 12 unique Santa ornaments and gifts from Etsy!

12 unique santa ornaments and gifts

While this particular holiday is not observed nationally in the US, it is a big deal elsewhere.  There are cities with strong German influences such as Milwaukee, Cincinnati and St. Louis that do celebrate St. Nicholas Day on a smaller scale.  Shoes are left outside of bedroom doors and St. Nicholas leaves treats in them overnight.  Unless you were not very good.  Then you can expect the obligatory coal.

In honor of the day, I found some great handmade ornaments and gifts featuring the jolly St. Nick!

12 unique santa gifts and decorations

Needle Felted Santa Ornament by Myriam Powell Designs

Did you know? St. Nicholas is actually based loosely on a real person.  Born around the year 270, he was the Bishop of Myra, a small town in what is now Turkey.  He was an anonymous gift giver who handed out treats and coins to children often leaving them in their shoes set out for the nigh.

12 unique santa gifts and decorations

Fused Glass Santa Ornament by Green Up Glass

In 1822, Clement Moore wrote the poem, “Twas the Night Before Christmas” which introduced and popularized many of the modern day Santa’s defining characteristics.  You know, the chimney thing, the white beard, corncob pipe, and of course the eight tiny reindeer!

12 unique santa gifts and decorations

Russian Santa Handpainted Gourd by Suzy’s Santas

Did you know?  The modern image of Santa Claus was actually created originally for a Coca-Cola ad?  In 1931, artist Haddon Sundblom created the jolly man in a red suit for a current Coke campaign.  The red suit idea stuck.

12 unique santa gifts and decorations

Santa Claus Charm Bracelet by Blackberry Designs

Department store Santas have been around for a while!  In 1890, a Massachusetts businessman named James Edgar became the first department store Santa in his dry goods store in Brockton.  A new tradition was born!

12 unique santa gifts and decorations

Jolly Santa Candy Bar Wrapper by Laurie Furnell Designs

Edmund Gwenn won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his role in the 1947 film ‘Miracle on 34th Street‘. In this film he goes by the name Kris Kringle, but we all know who Kris Kringle really is, and so does little Susan Walker (played by Natalie Wood).

12 unique santa gifts and decorations

Primitive Santa and Snowman Pattern by Sweet Meadows Farm

In the 1983 film ‘A Christmas Story’, Santa Claus is played by actor Jeff Gillen. In it, he plays pretty darn grouchy Santa who is just another in a long line of people to tell young Ralphie that he will shoot his eye out, when Ralphie asks for a Red Ryder BB gun.

12 unique santa gifts and decorations

Ho Ho Ho Santa Wreath by MCM Wreath Co.

12 unique santa gifts and decorations

Mr. and Mrs. Claus Handpainted Ornaments by Townsend Custom Gifts

In Canada, Santa has his own personal postal code, H0H 0H0.  Letters to Santa go directly to the man himself when addressed this way!

12 unique santa ornaments and gifts

Handcarved Santa Tree Ornaments by RWK Woodcarving

12 santa gifts and decorations

Six Pack Coca Cola Santa Bottles by My Paintin’ Place

12 unique santa gifts and decorations

Santa Pendant by Cheeky Monkey Pendants

12 unique santa gifts and decorations

Santa and the Clausettes by Avante Painting

Handmade gifts are very special!  Be sure to visit the artists of Etsy and check out everything they have to offer!  Happy St. Nicholas Day!  Hope it is a day without coal for you!

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