Baking Cookies with the Kids- Easy recipes and fun tips!

Today we are celebrating National Bake Cookies Day!  And what better way to celebrate than to have a look at some easy cookie recipes that you and your children can make together!  I’ve put together 7 easy cookie recipes and some great tips for baking with the kids!

baking cookies with the kids fun recipes

The photo above is of my two girls many years ago.  To give you an idea how long ago- the oldest just turned 30!  Wow… Anyway, every Christmas it was tradition in our house to spend an evening making homemade cookies for Santa’s plate and to give to friends and relatives as homemade gifts.  I have many fond memories of making cookies with my girls.

Here are some great tips that I learned over the years to have a successful cookie baking event with the kids!

baking cookies with the kids fun recipes

Snowman Sugar Cookies by Eating on a Dime

1. Plan for lots of time.

It is nearly impossible to rush a child, and in order to make the most of your cookie baking time, be sure not to schedule it between soccer and ballet.  Make a full afternoon or evening out of it! No stress about time means more fun for all.

baking cookies with the kids fun recipes

Candy Cane Cookies by Gold Medal Flour

2. Prep the kitchen ahead of time.

Be sure to have lots of aprons, oven mitts and towels available.  Spread wax paper over your table.  Assemble all your ingredients and bowls, mixer, rolling pin, measuring spoons, etc.  Attention spans can be short, messes are going to be made.  Sugar sprinkles are going to be found in strange places for weeks afterward.

baking cookies with the kids fun recipes

Nutter Butter Santa Cookies by Come Together Kids

3. Set the Scene!

Put on a Christmas music CD, dress yourself and the kids up in Christmas aprons.  Make some hot chocolate.  Your are making memories here!  It is time for a bit a laughter, some fun discussions and maybe a carol or two.

baking cookies with the kids fun recipes

Mini Rudolph Cookies by Kitchen Fun with my 3 Sons

4. Choose an easy recipe

Fancy cookies definitely have their place at Christmas, but they are usually beyond a child’s abilities.  Decide on a simple recipe and go for it.  One recipe per cookie making session is more than likely enough.  Remember those short attention spans?

baking cookies with the kids fun recipes

Santa Grahams by Betty Crocker

5. Chill!

Don’t expect perfection!  Be prepared for messes.  Things might be spilled, flour may fly, M&M’s have a tendency to roll about the floor like marbles.  Smile and let it slide.  We are having fun here!

baking cookies with the kids fun recipes

Snowmen on a Stick by Dukes and Duchesses

6. Divide and assign tasks

I remember when I was a kid, every Christmas my brother and sister and I were allowed to make stuffed dates.  Since I was the oldest, my job was cutting the dates open.  My brother’s job was adding peanut butter, and my sister’s job was rolling them in sugar (and eating them)!  Seriously.  We would do a whole box of dates and end up with about a dozen.  ha!  It is one of my favorite childhood memories!

Assign tasks for their age and abilities.  Then sit back and supervise!  They will love the fact that they were able to make it themselves!

baking cookies with the kids fun recipes

Christmas Tree Sugar Cookie by A Spoonful of Thyme

Ready to celebrate the day with a bit of cookie baking?  Now is the time!  After all, Santa will be expecting a homemade cookie or two.

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    Thanks so much for sharing my snowmen on a stick!

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    Thanks so much for featured my snowman Cookies! Have a blessed day!

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    I remember those days. I cherish them now. Loved the picture of the kids.


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