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Today is Shopping Reminder Day!  As if you needed a reminder!  If you happened to have ventured into the mall in the past few weeks, I bet you already figured it out.  We are in the midst of shopping season and we now have a month of shopping days left before Christmas!  I’ve got some very interesting shopping trivia for you and 12 awesome gift ideas from the artists at Etsy to get you in a shopping mood.

gift ideas from etsy shopping handmade

 Personally, I hate crowds and prefer to shop on the web.  And there is nothing nicer than handmade items.  Now is the time to order if you are wanting to shop on line!  In fact, many Etsy sellers are offering great discounts this time of year.  I found you 12 awesome gifts from Etsy to start you thinking!

gift ideas from etsy shopping handmade

Lapis Lazuli Necklace from Stone Nest

The busiest shopping day of the year is actually not Black Friday, believe it or not.  Traditionally, the busiest day to shop is the Saturday before Christmas.  Lot’s of last minute shoppers!  And if you happen to be shopping on line, the busiest days are the Monday and Tuesday, a week or two before Christmas.

gift ideas from etsy shopping handmade

Reclaimed Lightbulb Aquarium by Midnight in Seattle

If you decide to hit the stores this season, keep these facts in mind:

  • The average person waits in line to pay for at least ninety minutes per season.
  • The average shopper walks about five miles around stores at Christmas.

gift ideas from etsy shopping handmade

Crayon Tub Soap Set by Susie Q’s Bath and Body

Did you know? Black Friday is not necessarily the best day to shop. Oftentimes retailers will offer deep discounts throughout the holiday season to keep an edge on the competition.  Deep discounts days are especially notable on the Saturday before Christmas or Cyber Monday (the Monday after Thanksgiving).

gift ideas from etsy shopping handmade

Wire Wrapped Sterling Silver Ring by Serendip Designs

Did you know that retailers use psychology on us?  Little tricks that they use to attract buyers into their stores include: placing limits on items, offering “gifts” with purchase, employing visual tricks, and declaring that sales are ending soon (when in fact discounts are common throughout the season).

gift ideas from etsy shopping handmade

Personalized Wood Engraved Cutting Board by Milk and Honey Luxuries

Many of the major deals advertised on Black Friday, such as those on expensive items (like HDTVs), are typically in very limited supplies.  Oftentimes there are just 4-6 per store.  This is simply to lure customers into the store.

gift ideas from etsy shopping handmade

iPad Mini Case by Bertie’s Closet

Black Friday isn’t always about the deals in the stores.  For some, it is a tradition! Friends and family meet for Black Friday every year to get for their shopping ritual and often will be up all night, standing outside stores in the bitter cold.  This tradition is not up my alley, but I have quite a few family members including my daughters, who look forward to this every year!

gift ideas from etsy shopping handmade

Cat Yarn Bowl by Heidi’s Shoppe

Did you know? The average holiday shopper will spend $107.50 on themselves.

gift ideas from etsy shopping handmade

Man Cave Bottle Cap Sign by Little Jewel Boutique

The most popular gift?  Clothing!  And following at a close second is gift cards. The average gift card being $40.

gift ideas from etsy shopping handmade

Stained Glass Mosaic House Numbers by Wise Crackin Mosaics

On average, it takes five trips to the mall to complete all holiday shopping. Or, you can just shop online like I do.  Ha!

gift ideas from etsy shopping handmade

Pink and Green Fish Lampwork Glass Pendant by Isinglass Design

Did you know? Seven out of ten dogs receive a gift from their owners at this time of year.  My daughter’s dogs even have their own stockings!

gift ideas from etsy shopping handmade

Chalkboard Mail Organizer by Legacy Studio

More diamonds are sold at Christmas than any other time of the year!

And that VISA card?  Well VISA reports that their card is used an average of 5,000 times per minute during the holiday season!

gift ideas from etsy shopping handmade

Stained Glass Dragonfly Suncatcher by Stained Glass Whimsy

Ready to start shopping?  Start out with a bit of online shopping and be sure to check out these great shops on Etsy!  Handmade gifts are not only special, but are generally much higher quality than you will find in the stores.

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