Donut Day- recipes and donut themed gifts!

It’s National Donut Day!  One of my favorite days of the year!  And who doesn’t like a sweet donut now and then?  Or maybe every morning, like my husband!  But whether you are a fanatic or not, there are some great donut recipes and donut themed gifts out there!  I put together a few of them for you in honor of the day.

donut day recipes and etsy

Nobody is sure where donuts originated, but the Dutch are credited with bringing them to the US as “Olykoeks” or Oily Cakes in the 1800’s.  Truly the word “donut” sounds more appetizing!

The hole in the donut’s center appeared in the first half of the 19th Century and allowed the donut to cook more evenly.

mini baked donuts recipe

Mini Baked Donuts by Family Fresh Meals

Donuts are one of America’s favorite treats.  In the US alone, more than 10 billion donuts are made every year!

apple spice donuts recipe

Baked Apple Cider Donuts by Spoonful of Flavor

Did you know? The average Glazed Donut only has 220 calories, while a bagel and cream cheese averages 450 calories.  Maybe that bagel isn’t so healthy after all?

baked nutella donuts recipe

Baked Nutella Donuts by Cooking Classy

Female Salvation Army workers became known as “Donut Girls” on the front lines of World War I.  They would cook and distribute donuts for the homesick American soldiers in France.

donut bracelet

Doughnut Bracelet by VIRA Handmade

While the US Donut industry is worth 3.6 Billion dollars, Canada holds the record with more donut shops than any other country!

glazed gingerbread donuts recipe

Glazed Gingerbread Baked Donuts by Taste and Tell Blog

Did you know? The largest doughnut ever made was Jelly Donut weighing 1.7 tons, which was 16 feet in diameter and 16 inches high in the center.  Yumm!

doughnut shop sign

Doughnut Shop Sign by Slippin’ Southern

chocolate doughnut recipe

Double Chocolate Baked Doughnuts by Once Upon a Recipe

The Guinness World record for donut eating is held by John Haight, who consumed 29 donuts in just over 6 minutes!

reindeer donut recipe

Reindeer Donut by Laura’s Bakery

Bet you noticed that the word “donut” is spelled two different ways throughout this post!  Well, apparently either way is correct!

Bet you also noticed that these recipes are mainly baked donuts.  In an effort to get healthier, many Americans are finding ways to cook without the use of heavy oils.  There are many, many baked donut recipes out there and to the donut expert, a baked donut is just not the same as one fried in oil.  But here on Daily Holiday Blog, we are giving baked a chance!

So happy Donut Day!  Go eat a donut!

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