Universal Music Day- a look at music boxes!

Happy Universal Music Day!  Today, we celebrate all forms of music, whether it be classical, country, jazz, rock or rap, Universal Music Day celebrates music of all genres.  Here at Daily Holiday Blog, we are going to take a look at music boxes and musical gifts from Etsy!

musical gifts from etsy

The tinkling melody of a music box is a beautiful sound and while it is not as prevalent today as it used to be, there are still amazing musical gifts to be found.

A small metal cylinder is an important part of many music boxes. The cylinder has “pins” sticking up from it. A spring makes the cylinder turn around. As it turns, the pins strike the teeth of a metal “comb.” Each tooth gives off a certain note when struck.

The sound?  Just beautiful!  And we certainly can’t have a Universal Music Day post without a bit of music, can we?  Joshua Saunders puts together beautiful music box renditions of popular songs.  Here is “Somebody I Used to Know” by Gotye, created by Mr. Saunders.  If you would like a free download of many of his popular music box tunes you can go to his website.

So while you are listening to this beautiful melody, lets look at some great musical gifts form the artists at Etsy!

musical gifts from etsy

Blue Stained Glass Music Box (Plays Brahm’s Lullaby) by Tara Sawchuk

musical gifts from etsy

Victorian Christmas Music Box (plays 3 different Christmas tunes) by Minis with Music

musical gifts from etsy

Unicorn Music Plush Toy (plays Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star) by Glenmarc Gifts

musical gifts from etsy

 Wooden Robot Music Box (plays A Few of My Favorite Things) by Street Dog Art Studio

musical gifts from etsy

Custom Music Box (plays your choice of music) by Simply Cool Gifts

musical gifts from etsy

Lullaby Owl by Cherry Berry Crochet

musical gifts from etsy

Handmade Wooden Door Harp– House of Podge

musical gifts from etsy

Oceanography Nursery Mobile by Gifts Define

musical gifts from etsy

Engraved Wooden Music Box by Invenio Crafts

Beautiful music and beautiful gifts, right?  Be sure to go show these shops some love!  Happy Universal Music Day!

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  • norene October 12, 2013, 4:24 am

    Thanks for the beautiful tune. I love music boxes. I have a few of them.


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