National Chocolates Day- 10 great homemade chocolate gift ideas!

Happy National Chocolates Day!  In my opinion, any day is a good day to celebrate chocolate!  Today on Daily Holiday Blog, we are looking at some delicious chocolate recipes that would make wonderful homemade gifts for the holidays, and some great ideas to package them up for giving!

10 homemade chocolate gifts

When my girls were much younger, money was very tight.  I have a large family and wanted to give everyone a little something at Christmas.  Every holiday season, I would bake just about the entire month of November in order to create homemade goodie baskets for everyone in the family.  The family absolutely love it, and cost me quite a bit less than having to buy gifts for all those people.

Here are ten fabulous chocolate recipes that are perfect for giving, and some tips on how to make the gift beautiful for giving!

10 chocolate recipes that make great gifts

Chocolate Cookie Dough Brownie Bombs by The Domestic Rebel

Idea #1- Package your treats in jars

Use mason jars (completely cleaned and dried) and stack your homemade treats in them, then decorate the lid with a pretty holiday bow!

Idea #2- Use Metal Tins

This is my favorite go-to plan.  You can purchase metal tins and create a beautiful display of treats.  Wrap your cookies in plastic wrap and tie with colorful ribbons.  You can put several different treats in a metal tin, arranged in a sweet display.

10 chocolate recipes that make great gifts

Three Musketeers Fudge Brownies by Cookies & Cups

Idea #3- What about recycled containers?

Check out some of your interesting looking food containers.  Cleaned out Pringles cans are great for stacking cookies. Even things like butter tubs can be made to look fabulous.  Decorate them with wrapping paper, contact paper, or paint and ribbons. You could even use aluminum foil and a pretty bow.

10 chocolate recipes that make great gifts Earl Gray Chocolate Caramels by Vanilla Garlic

Idea #4- Mugs or plates

Wrap some treats in a bag and put in a cute holiday mug.  You can actually pick up some great looking mugs and plates at the Dollar Store for this!  Make it fancier by adding a pack of cocoa, a cinnamon stick, a candy cane, or maybe a Christmas lollypop.  And of course add a pretty ribbon!

10 chocolate recipes that make great gifts

Chocolate Dulce de Leche Empanadas by Laylita’s Recipes

Idea #5- Paper recycling

What about recycling egg cartons, or take out containers?  There is a lot you can do with them if you decorated with cute dollar store decorations.  Use colorful muffin liners to individually pack your Christmas cookies.

10 chocolate recipes that make great gifts

Dark Chocolate and Banana Truffles by Love & Olive Oil

Idea #6- Add Something Unique!

Because your items came from the kitchen, wouldn’t it be sweet to tie on a cute cookie cutter or maybe a set of measuring spoons or a mini egg whisk to decorate your gift up some?

Idea #7- Labels and Recipes

It is always good to label the contents of your gift somewhere inside, maybe on a small tag.  Adding the recipe is also a special touch.  You could print up pretty recipe cards so that all they would have to do is add them to their card file!

10 chocolate recipes that make great gifts

Flourless Fudge Chocolate Chip Cookies by Chocolate & Carrots

Idea #8- Gift Bags!

Gift bags are inexpensive and most are plastic-coated, making them a good choice for moist foods. You can make a little “window” in these pretty bags by cutting out a square or shape from the side of the bag and gluing or taping cellophane or plastic wrap to cover the opening. Add a bow, decorate and there you go!

10 chocolate recipes that make great gifts

Minty Chocolate Mousse Brownies by Sweet Treats & More

Idea #9- Baskets!

Baskets make a wonderful presentation for edible gifts. Add some tissue paper for filler, and fill with individually wrapped bunches of cookies and candy.  You can make an amazing display that folks will definitely be impressed with!  You can purchase nice baskets for as little as a dollar at the Dollar Store!

10 chocolate recipes that make great gifts

Fudge Brownie Cheesecake Bites by Simply Gloria

Idea #10- Cookie jar

A little more expensive than other ideas, this one gives them a gift that they can use year-round!  Keep an eye out at the thrift shops for nice cookie jars.  You may be surprised at some of beautiful ones you might find.

10 chocolate recipes that make great gifts

Coffee Roasted Almond Chocolate Bark by Love Food Eat

10 chocolate recipes that make great gifts

Chocolate Hazelnut Cherry Tart by Hot Polka Dot

Got you thinking?  Really, it is an awesome gift idea especially for those folks that you just can’t think of what they might need!    So celebrate chocolate day with some sweet goodies!  A perfect way to start out the week!

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  • Gloria // Simply Gloria October 28, 2013, 7:31 am

    I love giving homemade goody treats to my friends and family for holidays, too. I love this whole collection you gathered up for some ideas! Thank you for including my Fudge Brownie Cheesecake Bites! I will be sharing today all through out the social-ness today! Have a Happy Monday!


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