Angel Food Cake Day- 9 heavenly recipes!

Today is Angel Food Cake Day!  A perfect reason to eat dessert!  I found 9 heavenly Angel Food Cake recipes to help you celebrate the holiday!

angel food cake day- 9 heavenly recipes

If you aren’t familiar, Angel Food Cake is made with a large quantity of egg whites and no shortening or leavening. It is sort of cousin to the Sponge Cake, Cornstarch Cake, Silver Cake, and/or Snow-drift Cake.  The great thing about Angel Food Cake is there are so many variations.  Here are just a few:

angel food cake day- 9 heavenly recipes

Lemon Glazed Angel Food Cupcakes with Raspberries and Cream by Get Off Your Butt and Bake

The history of Angel Food Cake is a bit vague, but it is thought that the abundance of cake molds in southeastern Pennsylvania, which is one of the major producers of cake molds, indicates that the angel food cake may have originated there in the early 1800s.  Other names for Angel Food Cake include Pennsylvania Dutch Wedding Cake, or Ice Cream Cake.

angel food cake day- 9 heavenly recipes

Pumpkin Angel Food Cake by Haley Eats

Did you know? Angel Food cake is naturally low in fat and is a popular choice for those of us that are perpetually on diets.

angel food cake day- 9 heavenly recipes

Heaven and Hell Cake by Whisk Kid

One good tip from a master chef: If you bake an angel food cake on the bottom of a rack at 325 degrees, you will make a moister cake.  Good to know!

angel food cake day- 9 heavenly recipes

Pina Colada Angel Food Cake Roll by Food Babbles

Important point: Angel food cake should be cut with a serrated knife.  Try it with a straight edged knife and you will have a flattened cake.  Promise.  Let’s just say I am an expert at such things…

angel food cake day- 9 heavenly recipes

Chocolate Angel Food Muffins by The Galley Gourmet

Angel food cake is usually baked in a tube pan, a tall, round pan with a tube up the center that leaves a hole in the middle of the cake.  The center tube allows the cake batter to rise higher by ‘clinging’ to all sides of the pan. This is why you do not grease the sides of the pan- it needs to climb up the sides of the pan to rise.

angel food cake day- 9 heavenly recipes

Angel Food Cupcakes with Blackberry Buttercream by Fake Ginger

Once the cake is baked, it is important to invert it while cooling.  Otherwise the cake will fall in on itself.  Pretty picky for a cake, isn’t it?  But it is totally worth the extra effort!

angel food cake day- 9 heavenly recipes

Lemon Berry Angel Food Shortcake by Rock Recipes

angel food cake day- 9 heavenly recipes

Orange Angel Cake by Grateful Prayer Thankful Heart

Angel Food Cake has a distant cousin called Devil’s Food Cake.  Really, they are absolutely nothing alike, but it is cool to have a choice.  Devil’s Food Cake is a butter cake with lots of chocolate and plenty of fat.  But it is pretty awesome too.

angel food cake day- 9 heavenly recipes

Holiday Angel Cake by Know Whey

So go check out some of these delicious Angel Food Cake recipes and celebrate the day!

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