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Ride the Wind Day- Great ways to soar!

Today is “Ride the Wind” Day! On August 23rd 1977, the Gossamer Condor 2 flew a distance of 2,172 meters; it was the first human powered flight. To celebrate the last few days of summer, we are taking a look at some great ways to soar above the earth and ride the wind!

ride the wind day

Enjoying the last few days of summer can mean many things to many folks. But on Ride the Wind Day, take a few moments and leave your worries behind.  The summer breezes are waiting for you!

Let’s start the celebration with this amazing video of the dangerous, but incredibly fascinating sport of Wingsuit Flying. Never heard of it?  Well, check this out!

Did you know? The windiest place in the world is Port Martin, Antarctica, which has an average wind speed over a year of 64 km/h (40 mph). It experiences gale force 8 winds for over a hundred days a year!  Hairspray doesn’t have a chance!

ladies on beach with kites painting

Kite Flying 101 Glicee Print by Rebecca Stringer Korpita

Did you know? There are over 50 million kites sold in North America every year.  It is one of the fastest growing sports in the world with more adult kite flyers than children.

kite pendant

Kite Pendant by Artyscapes

Did you know? There is at least one kite festival every weekend in some part of the world. Some are even held indoors.  Kites come in all shapes and sizes.  Some Japanese kites even weigh as much as two tons!

windsurfing phone cover

Wind and Waves Kitesurfer iPhone Case by Stephanie Kiker Designs

Did you know? The strongest wind gust recorded on the surface of the earth is 371km/h (231 mph) at Mount Washington, New Hampshire (USA) on 12 April 1934.

winds of change sign

Winds of Change Wooden Plaque by Heartful Signs

Did you know? The United States generates more wind energy than any other country except China, and wind accounts for 35 percent of all newly installed U.S. electricity generation capacity over the last four years.

sailboat pendant

 Come Sail Away with Me Necklace by Glowfly Designs

Folks have been harnessing wind energy since as early as 5000 BC!  As early as 5000 BC, people were using wind energy to help boats move. In 200 BC, some windmills were pumping water in China.

direction of the wind keychain

 We Cannot Direct the Wind Keychain by Risky Beads

young girl with kite painting

“Kite Moves” Original Painting by Barbara Walsh

So, enjoy the breezes of summer, celebrate Ride the Wind Day with your favorite fun activity.  And be sure to check out some of these amazing shops on Etsy.  Beautiful work!

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  1. [...] is National “Ride the Wind” Day according to the Daily Holiday blog.   I would love to “ride the wind” today in a hot-air balloon!  My husband and I [...]

  2. Joyce Fisher says:

    Hi Suzy,

    I posted a photo of a hot air balloon card that I made today at Peace, Love and Joyce on Facebook in honor of “Ride the Wind” day! I’m also going to post the card and the link to your article on my blog: PeaceLoveandJoyce.com

    I really enjoy learning about all these obscure holidays on the Daily Holiday Blog.

    Peace, Love & Joy,

  3. norene says:

    That is amazing. Some people are just fearless. It looked like a flying squirrel.

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