Today is International Nude Day!

Today is International Nude Day!  A day to take advantage of the fact that the world is apparently celebrating not wearing clothes.  Who knew?

international nude day

I remember the first time I ever saw a “streaker”.

We were at the beach in North Carolina one summer and my family had decided to take up surf fishing. My mother was wearing an itty-bitty bikini, and had set up camp a bit further down the beach to try to catch fish.  My brother, sister and I were innocently building sand castles among the groups of families relaxing on the beach.

It was then that it happened.

Mom caught her first fish!  In her moment of glee, she started running down the beach with her fish to show my father.  Somehow in the fishy battle, the strap of her bathing suit top broke, and my mother ran from one end of the beach to the other holding her fish in the air, with her entire breast hanging out for the whole world to see.

The entire beach stopped and stared.

My mom, who innocently thought they were looking at her fish, ran all the way to my dad holding her prize and yelling, “Look!  Look!”.

Well everyone certainly did.  Ha!

Have fun with the idea that today is the day to celebrate nudity!  Me?  I’ve already celebrated!

I took a shower this morning.  In the nude!


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  • norene July 14, 2013, 11:37 am

    At least I didn’t have much to show at the time. It was the fishes fault for giving me such a tough time reeling him in. Those were really fun days though at the beach except the day I had to clean over 40 Flounder.

  • Lynda July 14, 2013, 6:11 am

    Ha ha ha ha omg! I bet she was embarrassed.


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