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June is National Camping Month, and we are celebrating it each week here on Daily Holiday Blog!  Last week, I showed you 10 Favorite Camping Destinations.  Today, I want to give you a cool Camping Check List so that you are prepared for your next camping trip!

national camping month

And why is that?  Let me tell you a story.

A few months ago, the family and I decided to head out in the wilderness for a picnic.  We took a trail that is part of the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area, right next to the Buford Dam which regulates Lake Lanier and the Atlanta water supply.

Awesome. We went on a dam picnic!

Of course, that meant that the entire hike we had to say things like, “Wonder if there is a dam store?”, “Want to eat at that dam picnic table?”, “Is there a dam restaurant here?”, “We need to get gas at the dam gas station”, “Where’s the dam map?” Yep, we are easily entertained. Dammit.


Anyway, we ran across the perfect picnic table. It sat on a peninsula that jutted out into the water. You could sit there with the lake on three sides of you. And it had a grill!

Now my mom knows that I’m not the most brilliant where cooking is concerned. So she and my husband monitored me closely to be sure that I brought everything that we would need. Ice? Check. Baked beans? Check. Aluminum Foil? Check. Serving spoons? Check. Paper plates?

Okay already!! Yeah, I brought it! You’d think they thought I was a total doofus or something! Of course I remembered!

So we get there to that perfect table next to the dam. And set up the grill, and threw the burgers on and arranged the table, setting out the potato salad, the baked beans, the coleslaw and condiments. And we sat and talked and enjoy the beautiful weather. And the burgers came off the grill and we rubbed our hands together, preparing to have an awesome meal in a beautiful setting.

and Mom said, “Where’s the plastic silverware?”

Me: ………

Me: Dam.

Sigh… so we ate with serving ladles. And I will probably never hear the end of it.

The moral of this story?

Make a list.

So here is a Camping Check List to help you remember everything you might need on your next camping trip!  It may not be entirely inclusive, and a bunch of the stuff might not be necessary for you, but at least you won’t forget the plastic silverware…

camping check list

Download your FREE Camping Check List HERE-Camping Check List

Be sure to download the FREE month of June calendar to keep track of all the upcoming random holidays!


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