International Sushi Day! 10 Fun Facts!

Today is International Sushi Day!  And we are celebrating all things sushi!  In honor of this tasty dish, I have put together 10 fun facts!  How to celebrate?  Go eat some sushi! Oh, and check out some of the cool sushi info I found!

international sushi day 10 fun facts

Sushi is a Japanese dish, and is made following many ancient traditions in Japan.  In contrast, the American version is a bit different.  And the variety is amazing.

10 Fun Facts About Sushi

1.  The apprentice Japanese sushi chef will spend at least five to ten years training before being allowed to work behind a sushi bar.  Two of those years alone will be learning the art of preparing and seasoning the rice.  American sushi chefs generally get only a few months of training.

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2.  Traditionalists believe the fish should never be raw, and should not be completely fresh.  Um..ugh!  They seldom use chopsticks, and do not use soy sauce or extra wasabi.  Here in America, we love the wasabi.

3. Almost 80% of Blue Fin Tuna caught in the world is made into sushi and sashimi.  Sometimes the chef will even keep the fish alive in water before it is served.

international sushi day 10 fun facts

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4.  Want a bit of excitement in your day?  How about Fugu Sashi?  It is sashimi made from the deadly puffer fish.  Because of the many toxic parts of this fish, only chefs with rigorous training are allowed to prepare it.  And occasionally, an unlucky diner is poisoned.  Seriously.

5.  The tools of the trade for a sushi chef are their knives, which have to be re-sharpened every day. This enables them to cut the fish in slices so thin that they can be seen through.

international sushi day 10 fun facts

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6.  The Japanese believe that you don’t just eat with your mouth, but also with your eyes.  A Sushi Master Chef spends years perfecting the art of display.  Every dish is a true work of art.

7.  While most folks assume that sushi is good for them, the Americanized version of sushi often is loaded with carbohydrates, fat, sugar and tons of sodium.

8.  The term “sushi” refers to the vinegar rice and not the fish.  The rice itself is a work of art and must be seasoned properly with the right consistency.

international sushi day 10 fun facts

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9.  Do not mix your wasabi with your soy sauce.  You could very well offend the chef.  And he’s the dude with the knife.  Just saying.

10.  Because of the popularity of sushi around the world, there are many places that “Westernize” the traditional sushi adding untraditional ingredients such as scallops, beef, chicken, okra, cucumber and avocado.  And even the South has their own version of sushi made from catfish!  These western styles of sushi are rarely seen in Japan.  And most likely frowned upon.

So there you have it.  Not only are you sushi-enlightened, but probably a little hungry.  So, go get some sushi!  After all, there is no better way to celebrate National Sushi Day!

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  • Jaan L of Tx June 25, 2013, 4:36 am

    Shoot, had I know my bday was National Sushi day, I would have had sushi instead of pasta. I love this holiday looks so fun, and great for the kids, too.

    • suzy June 25, 2013, 4:53 am

      Happy Birthday!

      Thanks so much for the kind words! This blog is so fun to write!!


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