International Canoe Day – June 26

Today is International Canoe Day!  Celebrated world-wide, this holiday originated in Canada, where the canoe is the national icon.  Canoe Day was created to raise awareness of this sport, and engage new paddlers to try their hand at it.

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In 2007, Canadians voted the canoe as one of the Seven Wonders of Canada.  To celebrate this, The Canadian Canoe Museum declared this day a National Canoe Day.  It is celebrated with lots of great canoe paddling, festivals, races, and other public events.

Many outfitter companies in the United States offer great canoe packages.  Perfect for those of us that know nothing about it.  You can spend your vacation cruising down a river with a guide leading the way, setting up camp for you, and even cooking your meals.  Or you can tough it and go it alone.

Of course, depending upon the river you choose, your trip might not be as smooth as you might imagine.  Check out this hilarious video featuring author and canoeist, Kevin Callan paddling up the West Aubinadong River in Algoma, Ontario.  Song by David Hadfield.


Makes you want to go grab that canoe and start paddling, doesn’t it?  Ha!

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  • norene June 26, 2013, 3:27 am

    I don’t think I want to go canoeing. He wasn’t in the canoe very much. Very cute though to watch.


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